Sewing Supplies Ireland

Sewing Supplies Ireland

Sewing Supplies

Are you a sewing enthusiast in Ireland?‍ Look no further – we have ⁣gathered a list of the best sewing supplies ⁤in the country that will fulfill all your sewing needs. Whether you are ⁢an expert or just starting out, these stores have everything you need to bring your sewing projects to life.

1.‍ The Sewing Room

The Sewing Room

The Sewing Room is a family-owned ​business located in Dublin. With over 35 years of‍ experience,⁤ they offer a‍ wide range ‍of sewing products​ such as fabrics, threads,⁣ and sewing machines. ⁤They also provide sewing classes for all levels, from beginners to ‍advanced.

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Hickeys is a well-known fabric and haberdashery store ⁣with multiple locations ⁤throughout Ireland. They offer a wide selection ‍of ‌fabrics, sewing tools, and accessories. ⁣Their knowledgeable staff are​ always willing to help and provide advice to their customers.

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2. The Sewing Shed

The Sewing Shed

The Sewing Shed is a friendly, family-owned sewing store in County ⁣Louth. They offer an extensive selection of fabrics, patterns, and sewing tools for ⁣dressmaking, quilting, and more. They ⁤also provide⁤ sewing classes for all levels and have a sewing machine‌ repair service.

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Fancy​ Moon

Fancy Moon is a⁤ boutique fabric shop located in Cork. They offer⁤ a ⁣unique selection of ‌high quality, designer ⁣fabrics ⁢for dressmaking, home decor, and ⁤more. Along with fabrics, they also sell sewing patterns, haberdashery, and ⁣embroidery supplies.

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3. The Fabric Counter

The⁢ Fabric Counter

The ‍Fabric Counter is an online store⁢ based in Tipperary. They offer a​ wide range of high quality, affordable fabrics for all types of sewing projects. They also provide a custom printing service, allowing you to create your own unique fabric designs.

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Sew Ons

Sew ⁤Ons is a popular ⁤sewing supply store in County Wexford.​ They offer a wide ‌variety of fabrics, threads, and sewing⁣ tools for all types of‍ sewing⁢ projects. They also ​provide a custom tracking service for those hard-to-find ⁤fabrics.

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From large fabric warehouses to small boutique stores, Ireland has a diverse range‍ of sewing supplies for⁢ all your needs. With knowledgeable staff, quality products, ⁤and even ‌sewing classes, these stores are the perfect place‌ to ‌fuel your passion for sewing. So,⁢ don’t wait any longer – visit these stores and start your ​next sewing project ‍today!

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    Great to see so many options for Irish sewers! It’s nice to have supplies available that are from local businesses so that more money stays in the local area. Sewers can now find exactly what they need without having to look too far. #ShopLocal #HappySewing

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