Sewing Patterns Edmonton


Discover the best ‍sewing patterns and resources ⁣in Edmonton, the vibrant city⁤ of Alberta, Canada. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, Edmonton offers a wide range of⁣ options to fuel your creativity and passion for⁢ sewing.

Sewing Supply Stores

Edmonton⁢ is home to several renowned sewing supply stores that cater to ⁤all your sewing needs. Some of ⁢the top-rated stores in the city⁤ include:

  • Fabric Depot: A one-stop-shop for ⁣all your fabric needs,⁢ offering a vast selection of‍ high-quality fabrics suitable for various sewing projects.
  • Sundance ‌Leather & Fur: If you’re looking to add unique leather and fur accents to your ⁣sewing projects, this is the store to visit.
  • Austin Taylor Home‍ Fashions:​ Specializing in home decor fabrics and sewing supplies, this store provides a wide range of patterns suitable ​for upholstery⁢ and drapery projects.

Local ​Sewing Communities

Edmonton boasts a vibrant‍ sewing community where sewing enthusiasts gather to share their knowledge, learn from each other, and take part in various exciting events. Some of the prominent sewing communities in Edmonton include:

  1. Edmonton Sewing & Quilting Centre: Providing sewing classes​ for ⁣all skill levels, this center is a hub for sewers to connect​ and enhance⁤ their skills. They also offer an ⁣extensive range of sewing patterns and notions.
  2. Edmonton Sewers Meetup Group: A meetup group where sewing enthusiasts gather to sew, exchange ideas, and​ participate in collaborative sewing projects.

Online Sewing Resources

Embrace the digital world and explore numerous online resources catering to sewing patterns⁤ and tutorials. These resources provide a⁤ wealth of information and⁣ inspiration for sewers of ⁣all levels:

  • BurdaStyle: A popular online platform that offers a vast​ collection of sewing⁢ patterns, tutorials, and a‌ supportive community where you‌ can​ share and showcase your creations.
  • Seamwork: Seamwork provides ⁢monthly sewing patterns along with detailed step-by-step instructions and video ‌tutorials to ‌help you achieve ‌your desired results.
  • Pinterest: An endless source of inspiration, Pinterest allows you to explore a plethora of sewing patterns, DIY projects, and sewing techniques shared by fellow⁣ sewing enthusiasts from​ Edmonton and around the world.


Whether you prefer exploring physical stores, joining local sewing communities, or diving into the vast digital‌ sewing world,​ Edmonton offers countless opportunities to nurture your love⁣ for ‍sewing. With the wide range of sewing patterns and resources available, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration⁣ to create beautiful and unique pieces.