Basic Hand Stitches Quiz

Basic Hand Stitches Quiz

What stitch is ⁢commonly ‌used to join two fabric layers together‌ temporarily?

A) Running Stitch

B) Backstitch

C) ‌Slip Stitch

Which stitch is commonly used to create⁢ decorative borders or ‍edges?

A) Blanket Stitch

B)⁢ Whip​ Stitch

C) Overcast Stitch

What stitch is ‍commonly used to repair tears or⁤ holes in fabric?

A) Basting Stitch

B) Invisible Stitch

C) Darning Stitch

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  1. I’m ready to take the quiz!

    Colin Hill: Me too!
    I’m sure this will be a great quiz to brush up on our knowledge! Good luck everyone ☺️

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