Sewing Equipment Vocabulary

Sewing Equipment Vocabulary

The A-Z Vocabulary of Sewing Equipment

Whether you’re a beginner just‍ starting ⁤out⁤ in​ the world of sewing,‌ or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your supplies, having a good ‌understanding of the equipment used in⁣ sewing is essential. From machines‍ to needles,‍ scissors to thimbles, there‍ are a ⁢variety of tools and equipment needed ​to create beautiful garments, ⁤crafts, and household items.‍ In this article, we’ll dive into ​the A-Z vocabulary of sewing ‌equipment, giving you a comprehensive ‍guide to ‍everything you need ⁣to know.

A – Accuquilt

Accuquilt is a machine used for‍ die cutting fabric‍ shapes. It⁤ helps to save time and ensure precision in cutting fabric pieces for ⁤quilting⁣ projects. This equipment comes in various sizes ‌and shapes, allowing for versatility in creating different designs.

B – Bobbin

A bobbin is a small spool that holds⁢ the lower thread in a⁣ sewing machine. As the needle goes up and down, the bobbin thread loops with‍ the upper thread to create a stitch. It is​ important to ​have extra bobbins on hand when sewing to avoid running out‌ in the middle of a project.

C -⁣ Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is a⁢ self-healing mat usually made of ‍rubber or plastic. It provides a ‍non-slip surface for⁢ cutting fabric with a⁣ rotary ⁣cutter. The mat also protects the ⁣surface beneath it from getting damaged by the ⁤razor-sharp rotary⁣ cutter blades.

D – Dressmaker’s Dummy

A dressmaker’s‍ dummy, also known as a dress form, is‍ a human-shaped⁢ body figure used for draping, fitting, and altering⁣ garments. It is available in different sizes and can be adjusted to match individual⁢ body measurements for a more accurate fit.

E – ​Embroidery Machine

An embroidery ⁢machine is a computerized machine that uses different types⁤ of stitches, designs, and patterns to⁤ create intricate designs on ‍fabric. ⁣It is a fantastic ‍tool for adding personal touches to clothing and home decor items.

F – Fabric Shears

Fabric shears, also known as dressmakers’ ⁢shears, are heavy-duty scissors designed for cutting fabric.⁣ They have a long blade for ⁢making long, smooth⁢ cuts, and a bent handle for easy maneuvering around the fabric.

G – Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is a type of fabric ribbon⁤ with a ribbed texture. ⁤It is commonly used for trimming clothing, bags, and ​curtains,‌ as well as for other crafts and DIY ⁢projects.

H – Hand Sewing Needles

Hand sewing needles come in a variety of sizes and types for different purposes. They are used⁣ for hand stitching and sewing on buttons, adding embellishments,​ and making repairs. Having a variety⁤ of needles on hand is essential for any sewing project.

I – Iron and Ironing​ Board

An iron​ and ironing board are essential tools for pressing and⁢ ironing fabric while sewing. The iron ‌helps⁤ to smooth out wrinkles, creases, and seam allowances, while ⁢the ironing board provides a ⁣flat surface for the fabric.

J – Juki Sewing ⁢Machine

A Juki sewing machine is a high-speed industrial sewing machine known for its⁢ reliability and durability. ⁣It is commonly used in ‍factories and⁣ for⁣ heavy-duty ⁤sewing projects such as⁤ upholstery, leatherwork, and denim.

K – Knitting Needles

Knitting needles are long, pointed ‌sticks used for hand⁢ knitting. They are available in different sizes and materials,​ including ⁣metal, bamboo, and plastic. Knitting needles are essential for ⁤creating knitted items such as scarves, hats, and sweaters.

L ‌- Lint​ Roller

A lint roller is a tool used to remove lint, ​dust, and pet‍ hair from​ fabrics. It consists of a handle and a sticky tape that captures lint​ and ​debris when rolled over ⁤the fabric surface.

M ⁢- Measuring ‍Tape

A measuring tape is used to‍ take body⁣ measurements and fabric measurements for sewing projects. It​ is also useful for⁢ measuring hems, seam allowances, and other dimensions when sewing.

N – Needle Threader

A ⁣needle threader is a nifty little tool used to help thread a needle, making it easier for those ⁣with visual impairments or‍ shaky hands. It consists of ​a wire​ loop that you pass through the needle’s eye, then you insert the thread through the loop and pull it through the needle.

O -‍ Overlocker

An overlocker, also⁤ known as a serger, is a sewing⁣ machine ​that trims ⁣and finishes off the‍ edges of fabric with a‌ serged stitch. It is commonly used⁤ to prevent fabric⁢ from fraying, giving⁢ a clean and professional finish to sewing projects.

P – Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are scissors with a zigzag edge used for cutting fabric. They are ‌primarily ‌used to minimize ​fraying and add a decorative touch to edges of seams, hems, and appliques.

Q – ​Quilting Machine

A quilting​ machine, also known as‍ a longarm ‌quilting machine, is a specialized sewing machine designed for quilting large quilts. It has a long arm that ‍allows for more space to move the‍ quilt around while stitching, making‍ it easier to create⁢ intricate​ quilting designs.

R – Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a handheld tool with⁤ a round, razor-sharp blade used for cutting fabric.⁢ It is an essential tool for quilters and​ garment makers and is especially useful when cutting through multiple layers of fabric.

S – Seam Ripper

A seam ripper is a small handheld tool used to remove stitches from​ fabric. It has a sharp blade that can cut through thread without damaging the ⁣fabric, making​ it a handy tool for​ fixing mistakes or reworking seams.

T -⁤ Thimble

A thimble is a small, metal or plastic cap worn⁣ on‍ the fingertip as protection when pushing ‍a needle through thick fabric. It helps⁤ to prevent soreness and ‌calluses while hand sewing.

U – Universal Needle

A universal needle is a type of sewing machine needle that can be used on a variety of⁤ fabrics, including​ woven and knit fabrics.‌ It is a versatile needle suitable for general sewing projects.

V – Velcro

Velcro is a hook and loop‍ fastener ‍used to join two pieces of fabric together. It is commonly found on clothing, bags, and other household items, making it a useful addition ⁢to any sewing project.

W – Walking Foot

A walking foot is an attachment for a sewing machine that ⁣moves the top and‍ bottom fabric layers at the same rate, preventing shifting and puckering. It is especially useful when sewing ‍multiple layers‌ of fabric‍ or quilting.

X – X-acto Knife

An X-acto‍ knife, also known‍ as a craft⁤ knife,⁤ is a small, sharp knife used ‍for precision cutting in crafting⁢ projects. It can be useful for cutting intricate patterns, ⁤fabric appliques, or stencils for screen printing.

Y – ⁤Yarn

Yarn is a long continuous strand of fibers, usually made of wool or cotton,‍ used ‍for knitting or crocheting. It comes⁣ in a variety of colors and textures, making it a versatile material⁣ for ⁢creating all kinds of⁣ knitwear.

Z – Zipper

A zipper is a fastening device used in clothing and bags,⁤ consisting of⁤ interlocking teeth that slide up and down. Zippers come in various sizes, colors, and ‌styles, ⁤and are essential ⁣for ​creating closures in garments and other items.

In ⁤Conclusion

Having a good​ understanding of the vocabulary of sewing ⁣equipment is​ crucial for‌ any sewing project. From basic​ tools like needles and scissors to specialized machines ​like embroidery machines and longarm quilting machines,⁢ each piece of ⁣equipment⁢ plays a ⁢vital role in the sewing process. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, ⁢having the right equipment can make all the difference in creating beautiful and professional-looking⁤ projects. So keep this⁤ A-Z vocabulary⁣ guide handy for​ all your sewing needs!

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