Advanced Sewing Classes

Advanced Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

Are ⁤you looking to take⁤ your sewing skills to the next ⁢level? Our ‍ are designed to provide experienced sewers with new techniques and challenges. Whether you ⁣want to expand your ⁣knowledge or⁣ start⁤ your own sewing business, these classes are perfect⁤ for you.


8 ⁣weeks

Class Size:

Maximum 10 students

Skills Covered:

  • Advanced garment construction
  • Pattern alterations and fittings
  • Couture techniques
  • Embellishments and decorative sewing
  • Working with difficult fabrics


  • Basic sewing machine operation
  • Familiarity with ⁣pattern reading
  • Experience‌ in garment construction

Our‍ instructors are highly skilled and have years of industry experience. They will guide ⁣you through each project, providing⁢ personalized ‌feedback and expert ‌advice. Classes are held in a well-equipped studio, ensuring a‍ comfortable and inspiring environment for learning.

Upon completion of the course, you⁢ will receive a certificate of achievement, ​which⁢ can be a valuable ⁢addition to your sewing ‌portfolio. Our aim is to empower you with advanced sewing skills and boost your confidence in tackling complex‍ projects.

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  1. Wow! That’s awesome!
    Mabel Green: Where can I sign up?

    I think this is a great opportunity to hone our sewing skills and create even more beautiful pieces of clothing! I’m excited to learn more, and can’t wait to get started.

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