Sewing Stores Erie Pa

Sewing Stores Erie Pa

Sewing Stores in⁣ Erie, PA

If you’re ‌an avid‌ sewer or just starting out with a new ⁣ sewing project, finding the right​ sewing store is essential. Luckily, Erie, PA,⁢ has a variety of sewing stores that ‌offer an ⁤array of fabrics, notions, and equipment to meet all your sewing needs.

1. Stitch ‘n Time

Stitch 'n Time ⁤Sewing ​Store

Stitch ‘n Time ‌is a popular sewing ⁢store located in the‌ heart of Erie. With‌ a vast selection of high-quality fabrics ‌in various ⁤colors and ‌patterns, ⁤this⁣ store is a favorite among ​sewing enthusiasts. ​They also offer ⁣a wide range of sewing ‍machines, ⁢threads, ‍and other ‌sewing essentials. The ‌friendly staff is ‍always ready to assist‌ you with any inquiries and provide expert advice.

2. Fabric Fantasies

Fabric Fantasies Sewing Store

Fabric Fantasies is a sewing haven that caters to sewers of all levels. Whether ‌you’re into dressmaking, quilting, or embroidery,⁢ you’ll find a myriad of fabrics that will inspire your‍ creativity. They ⁢also offer​ sewing classes and⁢ workshops for those looking to refine ⁤their skills‍ or learn something ⁣new. ⁢The store has an inviting atmosphere, and ⁢the knowledgeable staff ​is always‍ on hand to guide you⁣ towards⁤ the perfect fabric for​ your project.

3. Sewing Solutions

Sewing ⁤Solutions Store

Sewing Solutions ⁤is a one-stop-shop for all​ your sewing needs. From sewing‌ machines and‌ sergers to zippers ⁢and buttons, they have ​it all.⁣ The ​store⁣ caters to both beginners and experienced sewers and ‌offers a wide range of fabrics, including specialty​ fabrics for ‌costumes and formal wear. Sewing Solutions also provides machine repair ‍services,‌ ensuring that your beloved sewing machine always runs smoothly.

4. The Quilt Corner

The Quilt ⁣Corner Sewing Store

If you’re a​ quilting enthusiast, The Quilt Corner is the place ⁣to be.⁣ With an extensive collection of ⁢beautiful quilting fabrics, patterns, and quilting tools, this store is a paradise for ⁣quilters. They also ‌offer classes for different⁢ quilting techniques, making it ⁢a‍ great place for‍ beginners to learn and seasoned quilters to improve their skills. The⁣ Quilt Corner’s friendly staff is passionate about quilting and ‌always ready to share their knowledge and tips.


Whether you’re a sewing novice or an experienced stitcher, the sewing stores⁣ in ‍Erie, PA, provide‌ everything you need to bring your creative vision to life. From a wide variety of fabrics to essential sewing equipment, these stores ⁢have it ⁢all. Visit⁤ any of ‌these sewing stores ⁤and​ unleash your creativity in the world of sewing!

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  1. Great selection for all your sewing needs!
    Emiliano Hester: Erie has some of the best fabric stores around!

    Stella Price: Trying to make something special? Erie has the supplies to make it happen! Highly recommend the sewing stores here!

  2. Such a great selection of fabrics and sewing supplies. Even some hard to find items. Highly recommend!

    The sewing stores in Erie Pa are a great place to find what you need for any sewing project! With an extensive selection of fabrics and sewing materials, along with helpful staff and hard to find items, you can easily make something special from your home. Highly recommended!

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