What Sewing Needle To Use For Fleece

What Sewing Needle To Use For Fleece

Fleece is a versatile fabric ‌commonly used for making warm and cozy garments, blankets, and accessories. When working ⁣with fleece, it is crucial to choose the right sewing needle to‍ ensure smooth and consistent stitching. The⁢ proper needle can prevent ⁣skipped stitches, fabric puckering,⁤ and even damage to your sewing machine.

Ballpoint Needle

The ballpoint needle is‍ an excellent choice for sewing on fleece⁤ fabrics. It features a rounded tip that easily slips between the⁤ fibers without piercing or ⁤tearing the material. This reduces the ⁢risk ‍of creating ‌unsightly holes or damaging the fabric.


* Type: Machine needle

* ‍Tip: Rounded

* Size range: 70/10 to 100/16

*⁤ Best suited for: Fleece, knits, jersey ⁢fabrics

If your fleece fabric contains a high ‍level of stretch or is particularly thick, a ⁣stretch needle is‍ your go-to option. These needles have a deep scarf, specially designed for elastic and stretchy‌ materials. By preventing skipped ⁢stitches, the stretch needle ensures ⁤secure and durable seams.


*⁤ Type:‌ Machine needle

* ‍Tip: Medium ballpoint

* Size range: 75/11⁢ to 90/14

* Best suited for: ⁣High-stretch ⁤fleece, elastic⁣ fabrics

Universal Needle

When working with ⁤medium-weight or less stretchy fleece fabrics, a universal‌ needle can be a reliable choice. As the name suggests, this needle type is suitable for ⁣a wide range ‌of fabrics. However, it is advisable to use‌ a⁤ ballpoint needle or a stretch needle when working with more stretchy or delicate fleece types.


* ‌Type: Machine⁤ needle

* Tip: Slightly ‍rounded

* Size range: ⁤80/12 to 100/16

*⁤ Best suited for: Medium-weight fleece, woven fabrics

Sewing needle for fleece

Remember,⁤ regardless of ⁤the needle you choose, it is‌ essential to use the appropriate thread and adjust your ‌sewing machine’s tension and stitch ⁤length accordingly.‌ Testing⁢ on scrap fabric before starting your project can help ensure the ⁣desired results.

By using‌ the right sewing needle​ for fleece, you can achieve professional-looking results and⁢ enjoy⁢ a smooth sewing experience. So grab the right needle, thread your machine,⁣ and let​ your creativity flourish!