What Sewing Needle To Use For Denim

What Sewing Needle To Use For Denim


Denim is a‌ popular and versatile material known for its durability and casual style. From jeans⁤ to jackets and skirts, working with denim fabric can bring both satisfaction and challenges to a sewing project. One of the crucial factors in⁢ successfully sewing denim is choosing the right type of sewing needle.

Denim Needles

When it comes to sewing denim, using the correct⁣ type of needle can make a significant difference in the outcome of your project. Denim needles, also known as jeans needles, are specifically designed to penetrate and ‍sew through thick layers of denim fabric without⁢ breaking or causing damage.

Denim needles have a sharp point and a stiff shaft, which allows them⁤ to easily penetrate the fabric. The shaft is usually thicker than regular needles, ensuring it can handle the dense fabric and multiple layers commonly found in denim garments. This⁤ design also helps prevent skipped stitches and creates more even and accurate seams.

Needle Size

The appropriate needle size for sewing denim depends on the specific weight or thickness of the fabric. Denim needles come in various sizes, typically ranging from 90/14 to ‌100/16. The first number represents the European⁢ metric sizing system, while the second number corresponds to the American sizing system.

For lightweight to⁣ medium-weight denim, a 90/14 needle is usually adequate. However, if you ⁤are working with heavyweight or extra⁢ thick denim, you may need to opt for a larger size, such ⁣as a 100/16, to ensure smooth and effective‍ stitching.

Tips for Sewing Denim

While using the correct needle is essential, here are some ⁤additional tips to help you achieve⁣ successful results when sewing denim:

  1. Use a high-quality, heavy-duty ‌thread specifically designed ​for denim or⁣ upholstery fabric.
  2. Consider using a ⁢walking foot or denim presser foot to help feed the thick fabric evenly and prevent shifting.
  3. Adjust the tension on your sewing machine if necessary, as thicker fabrics may​ require a higher tension setting.
  4. Use sharp fabric scissors or rotary cutters to ensure clean and precise cutting along ​the denim’s edges.
  5. Always ⁢test your stitches and ⁤tension on a scrap piece of denim before starting your main project.
  6. Consider utilizing topstitching techniques to​ enhance the overall appearance of⁢ your denim garment.


Choosing the right​ sewing needle for your denim projects is crucial to ensure professional ‍and sturdy results.⁢ Denim needles provide the necessary strength and precision required to sew through dense fabrics effectively. Additionally, following the provided tips can further enhance your sewing experience and help you achieve excellent results when working ⁢with denim.

3 thoughts on “What Sewing Needle To Use For Denim

  1. The size and shape of the needle depend on the thickness and fabric type of your denim. Look for needles labelled for use with denim, or size 90/14.

  2. Denim and heavy fabrics require a strong needle, like a denim needle. Choose a size 100/16 to make sure you achieve the desired look.

    Sawyer Jenkins: Not sure which needle to use? You can’t go wrong with a size 110/18 needle. It will be strong enough to handle the tough fabric and won’t damage it. Consider using a denim needle for an extra-durable stitch.

  3. Forging through denim fabic? You’ll need a sharp denim or jean needle to avoid fraying. Head towards a size 100/16 needle for a successful stitch.

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