What Are Sewing Patterns Called

What Are Sewing Patterns Called

When it⁣ comes to sewing, patterns are an essential tool. They provide⁤ the templates and instructions necessary to create garments, accessories, and various textile projects. But ‍have you ever‍ wondered what sewing patterns are actually called? Let’s dive into the terminology!

Commercial Patterns

The most⁤ common type of sewing patterns that you’ll find in⁣ fabric stores or online are known as commercial patterns. These patterns⁢ are created by companies specializing​ in the production of sewing patterns, such as⁢ Simplicity, ​Vogue, or⁤ McCall’s. They offer a wide range of ‌designs for different skill levels and styles.

Indie Patterns

In recent years, independent designers have gained popularity within the sewing ⁢community. These designers create‍ and sell their own sewing patterns, known⁢ as indie patterns. Indie ⁢patterns often ⁤have⁤ a more ​modern and unique style compared to​ those found in commercial pattern ⁣catalogs. Examples of indie pattern ​designers include ⁣Tilly and the Buttons, Sewaholic, and Grainline Studio.

PDF Patterns

With advances in ⁣technology, sewing patterns can now be purchased and downloaded as digital files ​in PDF format. PDF ⁣patterns are particularly popular within the online sewing community. They offer convenience, as they can be printed at ⁤home, and often come with detailed instructions and illustrated tutorials.

Drafted or Self-Drafted Patterns

Some avid sewists prefer to create their own patterns from scratch, either by drafting​ them by hand or using pattern drafting⁤ software. These patterns ​are called drafted or self-drafted patterns. They allow for ⁤complete customization, ⁤ensuring a perfect fit and design tailored to individual preferences. Self-drafted patterns are often‍ used by experienced sewists who have a deep understanding of⁣ pattern ‌making techniques.

Vintage Patterns

For a touch ​of nostalgia and unique style, many sewing enthusiasts turn to vintage patterns. Vintage patterns ‍are sewing patterns ⁢that were created and used ‍in the‌ past, usually from‍ the 1920s to the 1980s. They can be found in thrift stores, online marketplaces, or ⁣inherited from family members.⁤ Sewing with vintage patterns allows you to recreate fashion⁤ trends and styles from bygone‍ eras.


Understanding the‌ different types of ⁤sewing patterns⁤ and their names can help you navigate ⁣the world ⁢of sewing with ease. Whether you prefer commercial patterns, indie designs, or choose to draft your own creations, sewing patterns are the foundation of⁣ any sewing ⁢project. So, grab your patterns, fabric, and sewing machine, and let your creativity soar!

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  1. Patterns are a great way to create garments! Sewing patterns are referred to as ‘instructions’ because they provide the necessary guidelines needed to craft a design. They detail exactly the measurements, steps and materials needed to create a piece of clothing!

  2. Absolutely! Patterns are not only important for garment-making, but also provide an exciting challenge as they help you to learn and refine new skillsets.
    Sewing patterns are an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to create their own clothing, allowing them to produce their own unique garments with the help of easy-to-follow instructions. Not only do they provide the necessary steps and measurements required to make any clothing item, but they also give sewers the opportunity to practice and fine-tune their skills in an engaging and rewarding way.

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