What Are Sewing Patterns Called


Sewing patterns are an essential tool for anyone⁣ interested ‍in sewing, ⁤whether you are a professional tailor or a hobbyist. These patterns provide detailed instructions and templates that help you cut⁣ and sew garments with precision and accuracy. But have you ‌ever wondered what these patterns are called? Let’s explore the different types of‍ sewing patterns and their unique names.

1. Commercial Patterns

Commercial patterns are widely used and available in most fabric and craft stores. They are produced by established pattern ‍companies, such as Simplicity, Vogue, and Butterick.⁤ These patterns ⁢come in envelopes and include a range of sizes from small to extra-large. They are ⁣named based on the company that produces them and⁢ often have numbers associated with each design or style.

For example, Simplicity⁢ 1234 might represent a dress pattern designed by Simplicity, with the number indicating the specific style or design. These patterns usually include multiple views, allowing sewers to create variations of the same garment by following different instructions and‌ cutting layouts.

2. Indie Patterns

Indie, short for independent, patterns are created by small-scale pattern designers or sewing ​enthusiasts who sell their designs online or in select stores. These patterns cater ⁤to specific styles and trends,​ often with a modern⁣ or unique twist. Indie⁣ patterns are ‌known for their attention to detail, clear⁣ instructions, and inclusive sizing options.

Unlike commercial patterns, indie patterns⁤ have individual names rather ⁤than just numbers. Some​ popular indie pattern names include Tilly ‌and ⁤the Buttons, Sewaholic, Grainline Studio, and Closet Core Patterns. Designers often aim to create a brand identity and recognition, so ⁢their patterns have catchy and memorable names.

3. Vintage ​Patterns

If you love the timeless elegance of vintage fashion, vintage sewing patterns might be your go-to ⁤choice. These patterns are generally from past decades and offer a glimpse into fashion trends of that‍ era. They are a favorite among collectors and‍ sewing enthusiasts⁤ who ⁣appreciate the unique ⁣designs and ⁢historical references.

Vintage patterns often have names that ⁣evoke ⁤nostalgia or reflect the fashion style prevalent during their time of production. Some examples of vintage pattern names include ‘Hollywood’ patterns, ‘Butterick Retro’ series, and ‘Simplicity Vintage’ collection.

4. PDF Patterns

In the era of digitalization, PDF patterns have become increasingly popular. These patterns are primarily available for purchase and download online, allowing users to print them at home on ‍standard ⁤printers. PDF patterns are often created by pattern designers and indie sewing enthusiasts and offer instant access to sewing projects without⁤ the⁢ need for ⁤physical shipping.

Generally, PDF ⁣patterns are named by their respective designers or design companies, which can vary widely. They are​ typically labeled with the designer’s name and the name of ‌the pattern. For example, ‍’Emily’s Atelier – Flora Dress’ or ‘The Sewing​ Co. – ‌Everyday Tote.’


Now that you know what ​sewing patterns are called, you‌ can explore the world of sewing with ​confidence. Whether you opt ‍for commercial patterns, indie patterns, vintage patterns, or PDF patterns, each one offers a unique experience and style. So, grab your favorite sewing patterns, choose your fabrics, and let your creativity ⁤soar!