Sewing Zipper Without Zipper Foot

Sewing Zipper Without Zipper Foot

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Zipper foot is a specialized attachment for sewing machines that allows easy insertion and sewing of‍ zippers. However, not everyone owns a zipper foot or has access to ‍one. But worry not, as sewing a zipper without​ a zipper foot is still possible with a few handy techniques.

1. ⁢Prepare Your Zipper and Fabric

Before you begin sewing,‌ make sure you ‍have your zipper and fabric⁣ ready. It is advisable to mark the seam line on your fabric with a fabric marker or chalk to guide your stitching.

2. Position Your Foot

While a zipper foot is the ideal tool, you⁣ can ⁣still use your regular presser foot with this technique. Position the foot so that it ​is next to⁤ the zipper teeth,⁤ allowing you sufficient space to stitch close to the teeth without catching them.

3. Basting Tape or‌ Pins

To ensure‌ that the zipper⁣ stays in place while you sew, you can use​ basting tape or pins. Basting tape is a temporary adhesive tape that ⁤holds ‍the zipper in place ⁣without damaging the fabric. Alternatively, you can use pins to secure the zipper in position. Just be careful not to sew over the pins, as it may damage your needle and⁤ the machine.

4. Adjust Your Stitch Length

For sewing zippers without a zipper foot, it is recommended to adjust your stitch ⁣length ​slightly. ⁣Set it to a shorter length to ensure a neater and more secure stitch⁣ along the zipper.

5. Take Your⁣ Time

Sewing zippers without a zipper foot may ⁤require more precision and a steady⁤ hand. Take your time while sewing, ⁤following​ the marked seam⁣ line ⁤or guidelines you have set. Go slowly and carefully to avoid any uneven stitches or catching the⁣ zipper ⁣teeth.

6. Finishing Touches

Once you have ‌ sewn the zipper onto your ‌fabric, remove any basting tape or pins that were holding it ‍in place. Trim any excess threads ⁣and press the fabric gently ⁣to give it a⁤ finished look. Voila! You have successfully sewn a zipper⁣ without a zipper foot.


Sewing a zipper without a zipper foot is undoubtedly a bit more challenging, but with the right ‍techniques, it is achievable. By following these steps and taking your‍ time,​ you can achieve a well-sewn zipper‌ in your‍ projects, even‍ without the dedicated zipper foot. Experiment, practice, and don’t⁤ hesitate to embrace your ‌creativity!

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