Sewing Tools Hindi Meaning

Sewing Tools Hindi Meaning

Sewing is an art that has been practiced for centuries in different parts of the world. In India, sewing has a rich cultural history and is​ deeply intertwined⁣ with‌ the country’s traditions and customs. ‍As a result, many sewing tools ⁤have been​ given⁢ unique and meaningful names ⁤in the Hindi ⁣language. ⁣In this article, we will explore the Hindi meanings of some common sewing tools and‌ how‌ they reflect the importance of sewing in Indian culture.

Jahaj Picho or Patti Keeni

The first tool on ⁤our list is the sewing needle, which in ​Hindi is known as ‘Jahaj Picho’ or ‘Patti Keeni’. The word ‘Jahaj’ means ⁢ship or boat,​ and ‘Picho’ means the bow of the ship. This term is derived from the ⁤fact that the​ needle resembles the bow of a ship when it is inserted ​into the fabric. ‌The ⁤word ‘Keeni’ translates to prick or pierce, signifying ⁤the sharpness of the needle. In Hindi, this tool is also referred to as ‘Jahaji Pin’ ‍or ‘Jahaj⁤ Keeni’, both of ‌which also​ mean a ⁤ship’s needle or a ship’s​ pin.

Daaga or Chhabi

A thread in Hindi is known as‌ ‘Daaga’ ⁢or‍ ‘Chhabi’. The word ‘Daaga’ means ‍a ‍knot or a tie.⁢ This is fitting as a knot is essential in sewing to hold the⁣ fabric and stitches together. The word ‘Chhabi’ means an image or a picture, reflecting the intricate patterns and​ designs that can ​be ⁣created with a needle and thread. In some ​parts of India, a needle and ⁣thread are also‌ referred to⁤ as ‘Chhakna’ or ‘Chhakni’, which comes from the word⁣ ‘Chhak’, which means to pierce.

Paani ⁢Phuhaare

The Hindi name ‍for scissors is ‘Paani Phuhaare’, which translates to ‘water sprayers’. This term is derived from the fact that these tools ⁢can spray open like a ‌water‌ fountain. In some regions, scissors are also known as ‘Chaaku’, which is the Hindi⁣ word for knife, further emphasizing the sharpness of this tool.


A thimble, the small cap used to ​protect the finger ​while ‌sewing, is known as ‘Khopcha’⁣ in Hindi. This term comes from the word ‘Khop’, which​ means hit or punch. The⁢ action of using a thimble is‌ similar to punching ⁢the needle through the fabric, making this an apt name for the tool.


‘Phoosni’ is the Hindi term‌ for a pin cushion. This tool is used to⁢ store and organize sewing pins and​ needles. The name ‘Phoosni’ comes from ‌the word ‘Phoonk’, which means to blow or puff. This is ⁣because, in earlier ⁢times, needle cases were made of a hollowed-out bone ⁣or wood, which was blown into to remove the dust and debris from the⁢ needles.


Last but not least, the⁢ sewing tool known as a thimble is called ‘Roadi’ in Hindi. This term is derived from ‍the word ‘Rodh’, which means to obstruct or ‌hinder. A‍ thimble acts as‌ an obstruction between the ‌needle and the finger, protecting it from harm‌ while sewing.

These are just some of the many Hindi names for sewing tools. Each term carries a deeper meaning, showcasing the significance of ‌sewing in Indian culture. It⁣ is through these ⁢tools and‌ their Hindi names that⁣ the country’s rich heritage and traditions are preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

In conclusion, the Hindi meanings of sewing tools reflect the beauty and intricacy of this craft. They also serve⁤ as a reminder of the generations of ⁤ skilled artisans who have perfected the art of sewing ⁤and continue to do so, keeping the cultural significance⁢ of this craft alive.

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