Sewing Tool To Push Out Corners

Sewing Tool To Push Out Corners

For every sewing project, achieving clean ⁤and perfectly shaped ‍corners⁢ can be a challenging‍ task. Whether you are making a‍ pillow, a bag, or a garment, pushing out corners can sometimes feel like a​ never-ending battle. But fear‌ not, because ⁣there is a simple ​yet essential tool that can⁤ make this seemingly difficult task ‍a breeze – the‍ corner pusher.

What is a Corner Pusher?

A corner pusher is‌ a ‍handy sewing tool designed to ⁣help you ⁢push out corners and give them ⁣a crisp⁣ and defined shape. It is usually made of plastic or wood and comes in various shapes ‍and sizes. ⁤Some corner pushers have a pointed end, while ​others​ have a flat edge or a curved tip. Its compact size makes ⁤it easy to hold and⁣ maneuver, making it a must-have tool‍ in any sewing kit.

How​ to Use a Corner Pusher?

The corner pusher is ​a simple‌ yet versatile tool that can​ be used in various sewing⁢ projects. Here’s how ⁣you​ can use it to push out corners⁢ with ease:

  1. Sew your ⁣project as usual: ‌Start by sewing your ​project and leave​ an opening at one of the corners. ⁣This⁢ will‌ allow you to turn your project inside out later.
  2. Trim the corner: Before turning your project inside out, trim the ​corners diagonally, as close to the ​stitching as‌ possible. This ‍will‍ help reduce the bulk and make it‌ easier to push out the corners.
  3. Insert the corner pusher: Using the pointed end‍ of ‍the corner pusher, gently⁢ push ‍the ⁤fabric‍ from the inside towards the corner seam. Be careful not to push⁣ too ‌hard to avoid tearing the fabric.
  4. Shape the corner: Next, use the curved or flat edge of the corner pusher ​to smooth out and shape the corner. You can ‍also use your fingers to help achieve a ​more defined shape.
  5. Repeat on‌ all corners: Repeat⁣ this process for all remaining corners of your project, ⁤making sure to trim and push out ‍the corners evenly.
  6. Turn your project inside out: Once all corners have been pushed‌ out, gently ⁣turn⁣ your project inside out through the⁢ opening. Your corners should now be crisp and perfectly shaped.
  7. Finish your project: Lastly, you⁢ can close the opening​ with hand sewing ⁤or topstitching, depending on your​ preference.

Other Uses‌ for Corner Pushers

Aside​ from ​pushing out corners,‍ corner pushers have other practical uses in​ sewing projects. Here are some‌ additional ways you can ⁣use this versatile‌ tool:

  • Stuffing: If you ⁢are stuffing a plush toy or pillow, the flat or curved end of a corner pusher can help you⁤ push the stuffing into tight corners and edges.
  • Turning tubes: For turning⁢ narrow ​strips ⁤of fabric inside out, you ⁣can use a corner pusher instead ​of ​a pencil or a ​chopstick. Its pointed⁤ end makes it easier to manipulate ‌the fabric without ​damaging it.
  • Pressing: You can also use a corner ​pusher to help press seam allowances and edges, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as collars or cuffs.
  • Marking: Some corner pushers come ‌with a pointed end that⁣ can⁤ be used⁤ for marking fabric, such as when creating pleats or darts.

Final Thoughts

The corner ‌pusher may seem like a small and insignificant tool, but it can make a world of difference in‌ achieving professionally ​finished sewing projects. Its various uses make⁤ it a must-have tool for sewers of all​ levels. So the next​ time you have a sewing project that requires ⁢pushing out⁣ corners, remember to reach for ‍your trusty corner pusher​ and make the process a breeze.

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