Sewing Thread With Hs Code

Sewing Thread With Hs Code

Sewing Thread with HS Code


Sewing threads are an ⁤essential component of the textile industry. They are used ‍to join fabrics and other materials together, ensuring durability and strength ‌in various applications such as clothing, upholstery, footwear, and ‍industrial products. To facilitate international trade, sewing threads are categorized using ​the Harmonized System (HS) ​code, which provides a standardized⁤ code for ⁤documentation and‍ customs purposes.

What is an HS Code?

HS Codes are used by ⁢customs authorities worldwide to ⁣classify ⁣products for import and export purposes. The ⁢Harmonized System​ is an internationally recognized system developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).​ Each tradeable item is assigned a unique HS code, enabling governments to track and ‍regulate imports and exports.

HS​ Code for Sewing Threads

The HS code ‍for sewing threads depends on the​ material composition and other factors. Here are a‌ few examples:

  • 5204.51⁤ – Sewing ⁢thread of ​synthetic ‍filaments‌ (including⁢ core-spun thread) not put up for retail ‌sale
  • 5204.59 – Sewing thread of synthetic filaments (including core-spun thread) put⁣ up ‌for retail sale
  • 5205.11 – ⁤Sewing thread of artificial staple fibers, not put up for retail‍ sale
  • 5205.19 – Sewing⁣ thread of artificial staple fibers, put ‍up for retail sale
  • 5206.11 – Sewing thread of cotton fibers, not‌ put up for retail sale
  • 5206.19 -⁢ Sewing thread of cotton fibers, put up for retail sale

These codes vary depending on the country, as there might be some regional deviations. It is crucial for⁤ importers and exporters to double-check the specific HS code applicable in their respective‍ countries ⁢to ensure‌ compliance with customs regulations.

Benefits of HS Codes

HS codes provide several benefits both for businesses and governments:

  • Trade Facilitation: HS codes simplify international trade by ​providing⁢ a unified classification system that is recognized ⁤globally. ‌They streamline customs procedures and ensure accurate documentation for goods.
  • Tariff Determination: Governments use HS codes to determine applicable tariffs and taxes for imported and exported goods. This enables fair and consistent trade practices.
  • Data Analysis: HS ‍codes assist in⁢ monitoring ‍and analyzing trade patterns, allowing governments and organizations to make informed⁢ decisions regarding trade policies, market research, and economic development.


The HS code system plays a vital role in the international trade of sewing threads. It provides ​a standardized classification for customs procedures, simplifies​ documentation, and enables‍ accurate determination of tariffs. Businesses in the textile industry⁢ must be familiar with the specific HS codes applicable to sewing threads in their country​ to ensure​ compliance and facilitate smooth ​trade transactions.

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