Sewing Thread Sizing Chart

Sewing Thread Sizing Chart

Find the ‍Perfect Thread for Your Sewing Needs

Thread Type Thread Size Recommended Use Description
Cotton 50/3 General ‌Sewing A versatile thread suitable for various types of ⁢projects. It’s thin yet durable, making it perfect for lightweight ⁣to medium-weight fabrics.
Polyester 40/2 Garments​ & Home Decor This ⁢thread works ‌well ‍for both sewing clothes and home ​decor items. Its strength⁤ and​ resistance to fading make it an excellent‌ choice for everyday ⁤use.
Nylon 69 Upholstery & Leather With superior strength and ‌durability, nylon thread is​ ideal for ‍heavy-duty sewing⁢ applications such as upholstery, leatherwork, and outdoor gear.

Note: Thread sizes with higher numbers indicate finer threads,⁢ whereas lower numbers represent thicker ‍threads. Factors like fabric weight, stitch type, ​and ⁣sewing‍ machine capabilities can affect the suitable thread choice.

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