Sewing Thread Size Chart

Sewing Thread Size Chart

Thread Size (Tex) Thread Size (Ticket) Thread Diameter (mm) Recommended Needle Size
8 30 0.18 90/14
12 50 0.15 100/16
20 80 0.12 110/18
30 120 0.10 120/19
40 140 0.08 130/21
Thread Size Chart

Sewing threads come ⁤in ​various sizes and thicknesses to suit different types of fabrics, projects, and⁢ machines. ⁤It is⁢ crucial ⁢to select‌ the appropriate ‌ thread size to ensure stitch quality,⁣ durability, and overall sewing success.

The⁤ table above provides a comprehensive sewing thread size chart, including the thread size (Tex and Ticket) alongside the corresponding thread diameter in millimeters and the recommended needle size. This information helps you choose the right ⁢thread ​for your specific ‍sewing needs.

Tex⁢ and Ticket are two different measurement systems used worldwide to categorize thread sizes. Tex measures the thread weight in⁤ grams⁤ per 1,000 meters, ⁢whereas Ticket represents‌ a thread’s length‌ in hanks per⁢ pound. The smaller the Tex or Ticket number, the thicker the ⁢thread.

When selecting a ⁤thread size,⁣ consider the fabric type and weight. For lightweight fabrics like chiffon ​or silk, a finer thread such as Tex 8 or Ticket 30⁤ is suitable. Thicker fabrics like denim or upholstery materials may require a heavier thread like Tex 30 or Ticket 120.

Additionally, ‌the needle size ⁣plays a vital role when ​paired with specific thread sizes. The ⁤recommended needle sizes listed in the chart provide guidelines⁢ for achieving optimal stitch quality. Using the correct needle size prevents thread breakage, skipped stitches, and other ​sewing issues.

Remember, the thread size ⁢chart serves as a general reference, and some variations may exist based on specific thread manufacturers. Always⁤ consult the thread manufacturer’s recommendations and conduct tests on scrap ‌fabric before starting your project.

By using the proper sewing thread size and needle ‌combination,‍ you⁢ can ensure a successful‍ sewing⁤ experience with strong, durable stitches that enhance ⁤the overall quality and longevity of your creations.

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