Sewing Thread Icon

Sewing Thread Icon

A high detail photograph of: Sewing Threads

A ‌high detail photograph of: Sewing Threads
The code snippet‍ provided is ⁤HTML and CSS code. It creates a⁣ container with an icon and ⁣a text. The ‌icon is displayed as a background image using the CSS class “icon”, ⁣while⁣ the text is ‌displayed below ⁤the⁤ icon using‌ the CSS​ class “text”.

The⁣ container class is styled to have flex properties, with the items centered ⁣both horizontally and vertically, and ⁤its ⁢children organized in a column.

The icon class sets the width and height to 100px and applies a background image of ​a sewing thread icon.

The text class adds some margin ⁣to the top, ⁣sets the font weight to bold, ​and aligns the text in the center.

The code is repeated in the ‍HTML ⁤for the icon and text ​to be displayed twice inside the container.

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  1. Great find!

    Such a useful little icon – perfect for all kinds of project ideas! It’s so versatile and a great addition to any sewing collection.

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