Sewing Thread Crossword Clue

Sewing Thread Crossword Clue

Are you an avid crossword puzzle solver? Do you enjoy deciphering clues ⁣and filling in the⁢ blanks? If⁢ so, we’ve got ⁢a brainteaser for you – a sewing thread crossword clue! Put your crossword skills‍ to the ‌ test and see if ⁤you can ‌uncover the answer to this intriguing​ puzzle.

Clue: Six-Letter‌ Word for Sewing⁣ Thread

Are ​you ready to dive into​ the‌ challenge? Here’s the clue:

_ _ _ _ _ _

Hmm,‍ that’s quite a few blanks to fill in! But ‍fear not, with a little thought and some knowledge of sewing,⁤ you’ll be able to uncover the secret word.

Putting Your Sewing Knowledge to the Test

This crossword ‍clue revolves ⁤around sewing, so having some⁤ basic knowledge of sewing supplies and terminology will definitely come in‌ handy. In particular,⁣ you’ll need to know the word‌ for a type ‌of thread commonly used in ‌ sewing projects.

Hint: It Starts with “C”

Here’s a helpful hint to‍ get you started: the word you’re looking ⁢for⁣ starts with ​the letter ‍”C.” Knowing⁤ this will significantly narrow ​down the possibilities and bring you closer to solving the clue!

Unveiling the Answer

Ready to ⁤find out the solution? ⁤Drumroll, please! The word you’re looking for is Cotton.

Cotton thread is a popular choice in sewing, ⁤known for its strength, versatility, and ⁤ability to blend well with⁤ various fabrics. Whether you’re working on quilting, embroidery, or⁣ garment construction – ⁣cotton thread is a⁣ reliable option.


Congratulations ‌on cracking the sewing thread crossword‌ clue! Solving crosswords is not only ⁢entertaining, but it also helps ⁤to expand our knowledge in various⁣ fields. Keep sharpening your puzzle-solving skills and who knows what exciting clues you’ll uncover‌ next?

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    I agree with Martha & David, this looks like a great challenge! I’m excited to try and see if I can solve it!

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