Sewing Thread Consumption Excel Sheet

Sewing Thread Consumption Excel Sheet

Product Quantity Color
T-shirt 20 White
Dress 10 Black
Jeans 15 Blue

Note: This is a sample Excel sheet for ​sewing thread consumption. For a more advanced and customized version, check our premium software.

5 thoughts on “Sewing Thread Consumption Excel Sheet

  1. Great way to keep track of essential supplies! #sewing

    This is an awesome resource! Having a detailed spreadsheet like this makes it so much easier to see your thread supply progress and make sure you are prepared for future projects. #sewing #threadconsumption

  2. Super organized! #threadconsumption #crafting

    This is perfect for any crafter or seamstress as it allows them to keep an accurate record of their thread consumption and track their progress. Being organized and prepared is key for any successful project, so this tool is great for staying ahead! #sewing #threadconsumption

  3. Wonderful tool for anyone who loves to sew! #threadconsumption #sewing r

    This Excel Sheet is a great way to ensure that your supplies are always in check and that you have the necessary thread for your sewing projects. Having this type of tool helps minimize wastage and cost, helping you save both time and money! #threadconsumption #sewing

  4. What an amazing tool! #threadconsumption #sewing
    This Excel Sheet is an incredible resource for anyone who does a lot of sewing, allowing them to track their thread consumption over time and make sure they have enough supplies for every project. Having this in your toolbox means you’ll never be left unprepared! #threadconsumption #sewing

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