Sewing Thread Color Chart

Sewing Thread Color Chart


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color-cell” style=”background-color: #000000;”>

0, 0, 0 #000000

255, 0, 0 #FF0000

0, ⁤255, 0 #00FF00

0, 0,⁣ 255 #0000FF

255, 255, 0 #FFFF00

255, ‌255, 255 #FFFFFF

Choosing the ‍right sewing thread color is important to ensure ‍your stitches blend seamlessly with ​your fabric. Our sewing⁣ thread color chart provides you with a range of classic colors to‍ choose from.

Each color in the chart is represented with its RGB and⁢ HEX values. The RGB values indicate the amount of red, green, and blue used to create the color, while the HEX value is a hexadecimal representation ‌of the color.

For example,‍ the color black is represented as #000000, indicating that ‌it ⁢is‌ composed of zero red, zero green, and zero blue, resulting ⁤in a deep black shade.

Click on the color cells in the chart to see the RGB and HEX values of each color up close. This can help you make an⁣ informed ⁢choice when selecting the perfect thread color for your sewing projects.

Remember, harmonizing your thread​ color with your fabric is crucial for achieving a professional and polished look in your finished garments or crafts.

Happy sewing!

Note: Always remember to test the thread color ​on a small scrap of fabric before using‌ it ‍on your final ⁢project to ensure it matches⁢ your expectations.

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