Sewing Supplies Victoria Bc

Sewing Supplies Victoria Bc

Sewing Supplies ‌in Victoria, BC

For those who‌ love to sew, finding the right ‌sewing ‌supplies is essential. And‍ if⁢ you’re living in the beautiful city of Victoria, ‌BC, you’re in ‍luck. Known for its rich history and charming​ coastal vibes, Victoria is also ​a haven for all sewing enthusiasts.

From traditional fabric stores to modern haberdasheries, ‍Victoria has a vast​ array⁢ of sewing ‍supplies to satisfy every needle and thread craving. So, if you’re new to⁤ the city or just looking for new⁣ places to shop, here are some of the best sewing supply stores in Victoria, BC.

1. Gala ⁣Fabrics

Gala Fabrics ‌store

Located on Fort Street ⁤in downtown Victoria, Gala Fabrics has been serving the ⁤ sewing‌ community for over 25 years. From quilting to​ fashion sewing, this ‍store has a ‌large selection of high-quality fabrics, including ‍cotton, linen, ‍and wool. They ⁤also ⁢have a ‌vast ⁢collection of sewing patterns, threads,​ and sewing tools. You can also find a variety of sewing classes offered in-store for beginners and experienced‍ sewists alike.

2. Fabricland

Fabricland store

Fabricland is a ⁢national chain ⁢with a store located in the Westshore Town Center in⁤ Victoria. This store has a ⁣huge variety of fabrics, ranging from budget-friendly ⁣options to designer fabrics. You can find ​specialty fabrics like faux fur, leather, and spandex‌ at Fabricland. They ⁣also ‍offer a wide selection of sewing patterns, notions, and trims at affordable prices.

3. Eurocraft Sewing Center

Eurocraft ‌Sewing ⁣Center⁢ store

If you’re⁤ passionate about embroidery, Eurocraft Sewing Center is the ‍go-to store for ‌you.⁣ This specialized store offers a‌ wide range of ‌sewing and embroidery machines from top brands like Janome, Bernina, and Brother. ‍They also carry‍ a variety of threads,‌ stabilizers, and other embroidery ‌supplies. Located in Cook Street Village, Eurocraft Sewing Center ​also offers sewing and embroidery classes for all‍ skill levels.

4.‍ Stonemountain ​& Daughter Fabrics

Stonemountain & Daughter ⁣Fabrics store

Located in the heart of downtown‌ Victoria,​ Stonemountain​ & Daughter Fabrics is another go-to destination for ​sewing⁤ enthusiasts. This charming store ‌has a ⁣variety of fabrics, including ‍designer fabrics from Europe and Japan. They also offer ‌a range of sewing patterns, sewing classes, and ⁢even sewing machines⁤ and sergers for purchase. The staff at Stonemountain‍ & Daughter Fabrics are known for their exceptional customer service and ‍can assist you in finding the perfect fabric for your project.

5. The Makehouse

The Makehouse store

If‌ you’re looking ‌for a creative and inclusive sewing​ community, The Makehouse is the place to be. Located in the beautiful Fernwood Square, this store offers a⁣ curated selection of fabrics, sewing patterns, ‌and sewing accessories. They also have ​a cute café and a sewing studio where they hold‍ workshops, classes, and sewing ⁢socials. ⁢The Makehouse also​ offers sewing classes for kids, making it the perfect place to spark a love for sewing in the​ younger generation.

So,‌ whether you’re a seasoned sewist ‍or just starting your sewing journey in⁣ Victoria, BC, these stores ⁤have everything you need to satisfy your sewing needs. ⁤With their vast selection ​of fabrics, notions, ​and sewing classes, you’ll surely be inspired to create beautiful projects ‍and add to your​ sewing arsenal.

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  1. Great selection!

    Becky Cruz: Highly recommend these guys!

    A great spot for all your sewing needs in Victoria! They have a wide selection of fabric, thread, and all the necessary supplies you need to get the job done right – and the helpful staff makes the shopping experience even better. Highly recommended!

  2. Helpful staff and a great selection of supplies – this is the place for all your sewing requirements in Victoria!

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