Sewing Supplies Vernon Bc

Sewing Supplies Vernon Bc

Sewing Supplies in Vernon, BC: ⁤A Crafting ⁢Heaven

Calling all sewing enthusiasts ‌and artisans in Vernon, BC – your dream of finding the perfect sewing​ supplies ⁤ is about to come true! With an abundance ​of small ​and local‌ businesses catering⁣ to sewing supplies, Vernon is truly a⁤ crafting heaven. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is something for⁣ everyone in this picturesque ‍Canadian city.

The Fabric ⁣Shop

As the saying goes, “A stitch in time ⁣saves nine”, and ‍at The Fabric ⁣Shop in Vernon, you‍ will find all the necessary tools and fabrics to make ‌those ​stitches count. With a wide selection of high-quality fabrics from designer collections and‍ local artisans, you will be spoilt‍ for ​choice. From cottons, linens, silks, and satins​ to upholstery and quilting fabrics – The Fabric Shop has it all. ​The store also carries a variety of sewing patterns, ‌threads, buttons, and zippers to complete your ​sewing project.

Threaded Needle Sewing Centre

A quaint and charming boutique, Threaded Needle Sewing Centre is a family-owned business that​ has been serving the Vernon community for over 30 years. This store ⁢is a one-stop-shop for ⁢everything sewing-related. From sewing machines,​ sergers, and embroidery machines to fabric, patterns, and notions​ – Threaded Needle​ Sewing Centre has ‍it⁤ all. ⁣What sets this store apart is its exceptional customer ⁣service – the​ knowledgeable staff will guide you through your sewing journey and​ help you find exactly what you need.

Krafty Lady Boutique

If you are in search of unique‍ and specialty fabrics, then head over to Krafty Lady ‌Boutique.⁤ This⁣ boutique specializes‍ in high-end⁤ designer fabrics, ‍imported from Europe ‍and Japan. The store also carries a‌ variety ‌of sewing and quilting notions, as well as patterns ‌and books. With a curated selection of fabric and ‍supplies, Krafty‍ Lady Boutique is a ⁤go-to⁣ place for avid sewers looking to add a touch of luxury to their projects.


For those who prefer an online⁣ shopping experience, Thimbleberrys is​ an excellent ⁢option. This online store is based​ in ‌Vernon and ⁤carries a wide range of sewing ⁢supplies. From fabrics, patterns, and ⁤books ⁣to sewing​ kits and embroidery supplies – Thimbleberrys has ‍it all. The store also offers video tutorials​ and ‌online classes, making it⁤ a perfect place to expand⁢ your sewing skills from the comfort of​ your home.

The Button ‌Box

They say that buttons are the jewelry of sewing ​– and The Button Box is⁣ the ultimate destination for all ⁤your button needs. With⁤ a huge selection of buttons in ‍various sizes, colors, and materials, this store is a button-lover’s paradise. From‌ simple and classic ‌to eclectic and unique – The Button Box has buttons for every‍ style and project. The store⁤ also carries a selection of ribbons, trims, and ‌lace, making it a perfect ​place to add those finishing⁣ touches ⁤to⁣ your‌ sewing projects.


In ⁢conclusion, sewing supplies in​ Vernon, BC, are not hard⁣ to come by. With a variety of stores catering to every ‌sewing need, this charming Canadian city is a haven for all sewing enthusiasts. So whether you are a beginner looking to start a new hobby or a professional seamstress, Vernon has got you covered. So go ahead and unleash ⁢your creativity with the abundance of⁤ sewing supplies available in this picturesque city.

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