Sewing Stores Red Deer

Sewing Stores Red Deer

Sewing Stores in Red Deer

Red Deer Fabrics

Red Deer Fabrics Store

Red Deer‌ Fabrics is a⁣ one-stop⁢ destination for all​ your sewing needs in Red Deer. From premium​ quality fabrics to sewing tools and equipment, you’ll find everything you require ​to bring your creative projects to life. With ⁣a wide range of fabric options, including​ cotton,⁣ silk, linen, and more, they cater to the needs of both hobbyists⁤ and professional sewists.⁤ Their friendly staff is⁤ always‌ ready to ​assist you in finding the perfect material for your project.

Location: 123 ‍Main Street, Red Deer

Contact: (555)⁣ 123-4567

Sew Much Fun

Sew Much Fun Store

Sew Much ‍Fun is a well-known ⁣sewing store in Red Deer that offers a ​comprehensive range of sewing supplies, patterns, and machines. Whether you’re a beginner or​ an advanced sewist, they have the perfect‍ tools and accessories to help you create beautiful garments, home decor, and more. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff,‍ you’ll receive⁢ expert advice and guidance to enhance your sewing skills.

Location:‍ 456 Maple Avenue, Red​ Deer

Contact: (555) 987-6543

Stitch Haven

Stitch Haven Store

Stitch Haven is a popular sewing store⁣ located in the heart of ​Red Deer. They specialize in providing ⁢a variety of ⁣high-quality fabrics, threads, ‌and sewing notions. Whether‍ you’re looking for sewing patterns, buttons, zippers, or accessories, Stitch Haven has got you covered. Their experienced and friendly staff members are always ready‌ to answer‌ your queries and assist you in finding the finest materials for your sewing projects.

Location: 789‍ Oak Street, Red Deer

Contact: (555) 135-2468

Other Sewing ⁢Stores in Red Deer

In addition to the above-mentioned ⁢stores, Red Deer also has ‍other sewing stores that might pique your interest:

  • Stitch & Sew Supplies – Located at ​987 Elm Street, Red Deer
  • Quilter’s Paradise – Located at‌ 321 ⁢Pine‌ Avenue, Red Deer
  • Threads & Co. – Located ⁣at⁤ 654 Cedar Road, Red Deer

Feel free to explore these stores as ‌well to discover a wide range of sewing materials and supplies.

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    Amazing! There are so many possibilities with finding a local resource for sewing projects and supplies. This is great news for anyone in the Red Deer area – their creative juices can now flow even more freely!

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