Sewing Stores Mississauga

Sewing Stores Mississauga

Sewing​ Stores in Mississauga


Welcome to , your ultimate guide to finding ⁣the best sewing⁣ stores in the city. Whether you’re‌ a sewing enthusiast⁤ or a professional tailor, Mississauga offers a wide range of stores that cater to all‍ your sewing needs. From fabrics to accessories, these stores have got you covered with everything you need to ​bring your creative projects to⁤ life.

Sewing Store


1.‍ Fabrics and More

Located ​in the heart of Mississauga, Fabrics and⁢ More is a one-stop shop for⁣ all ⁣your sewing needs. They offer a vast selection of ⁣high-quality fabrics, ranging from⁢ cotton and silk to ‍lace ​and denim. ​Apart ‍from fabrics, they also carry a variety of sewing notions, patterns, and tools to assist you with your projects. The friendly ⁢staff is always ready to assist and provide expert advice.

2. ‍Sewing Supplies​ Plus

Sewing Supplies Plus ‌aims to⁤ be a sewist’s paradise. With their extensive selection of sewing supplies, including threads, zippers, buttons, and ribbons, you will find everything you need​ to complete your sewing ⁣projects. They also offer a range of sewing machines, from basic models to advanced computerized options. Sewing‌ Supplies⁣ Plus is known for their competitive prices and frequent sales.

3. ​Stitch & Style

Stitch ⁤& Style is a boutique-style sewing store that caters to ⁣both beginners and experienced sewers. They carry a curated collection of high-end fabrics, trims, and embellishments sourced from around the world. ‌Their knowledgeable staff will guide you in selecting the⁢ perfect materials for⁢ your projects. Stitch & Style also​ offers⁢ sewing classes and workshops for anyone⁢ interested in expanding their sewing skills.

Sewing Tips

  • Always prewash ⁤your fabrics before ​starting a sewing project ​ to prevent any shrinkage or color bleeding.
  • Invest ⁢in ‌good quality sewing tools such as sharp scissors, quality thread, and reliable sewing machine needles.
  • Take accurate measurements before cutting your fabrics to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Use ‍tailor’s chalk or fabric markers to mark your ‍fabric instead of regular pens or markers, as they may leave permanent stains.
  • Practice sewing on scrap fabric before starting your actual project, especially if you’re trying out a new technique⁤ or​ working ‍with unfamiliar ⁣fabric.


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  1. Love this store!
    Amazing selection of fabrics and needles! Highly recommend visiting here for all your sewing needs! So much friendly and knowledgeable staff too!

  2. This is my favorite spot for all of my fabric and crafting supplies!

    Excellent choice for anyone in Mississauga looking to stock up on essential sewing supplies! The helpful staff, large selection of fabrics, and high-quality needles make this an ideal spot for fabric fanatics. Highly recommend!

  3. Highly recommend this store when in Mississauga! With a selection of materials and knowledge staff, it’s perfect for your sewing and crafting needs. There’s a fantastic selection of fabrics too. Plus, the helpful staff can give some great advice.

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