Sewing Stores Evansville In

Sewing Stores Evansville In

Sewing Stores in Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, ⁢Indiana, is a city with a rich ​history and a vibrant creative community. If you are a​ sewing enthusiast or looking to take up⁤ sewing as⁢ a hobby, you’re in luck! Evansville is⁤ home to several excellent sewing stores ⁤offering a ⁢wide range of fabrics, sewing machines, accessories, and expert⁤ advice. ⁣Whether you’re a‍ beginner⁢ or ⁤an experienced dressmaker, these stores ​have everything you need to unleash your creativity.

1. StitchWorks

Address: 123 Main Street, Evansville, IN 12345

Phone: ⁤(555) 123-4567


Description: StitchWorks is a ​one-stop-shop for all your sewing needs. ⁣They⁤ offer an⁣ extensive selection of fabrics, including ⁢cotton, silk, linen, and more. They also carry a variety of sewing machines and accessories from top ⁢brands. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to‌ assist ‍with any questions⁤ you may have, and ​they regularly host workshops and ​classes for sewists of all skill⁢ levels.

2. The Fabric Patch

Address:‍ 456 Elm Street, Evansville, IN 12345

Phone: ​(555) ‍987-6543


Description:​ The Fabric Patch is a hidden gem for​ sewing enthusiasts. With a vast selection of high-quality fabrics, including designer collections and hard-to-find patterns, this⁤ store is a ​treasure trove for anyone looking for⁣ unique ⁤materials. They also⁣ provide sewing machine‌ repairs and⁢ offer a range of sewing classes to help you refine ⁢your skills and learn new⁤ techniques.

3. Sew Lovely

Address: 789 Oak Avenue,​ Evansville, IN​ 12345

Phone: (555) 246-8109


Description: ‍Sew Lovely is a family-owned business that has been serving the sewing community in Evansville⁤ for over 20 years. They carry ‍an extensive selection of fabrics, sewing notions, and⁤ embroidery⁢ supplies.⁢ With their‍ personal touch ⁣and commitment to customer ⁣satisfaction, Sew Lovely is the go-to store for those seeking individualized attention and tailor-made solutions.

4. Crazy Quilts

Address: 321⁢ Walnut Lane, Evansville, IN 12345

Phone: (555) ⁤789-4321


Description: ‌Crazy Quilts specializes in quilting supplies and services, ‌making⁣ it⁤ an⁢ ideal destination for crafters who enjoy quilting projects. ⁢They offer a ‌vast array of colorful fabrics, quilting patterns, threads, ‍and helpful tools to⁢ bring your quilting ​ideas to ⁢life. Their friendly staff ‌is passionate about quilting and always ​ready to share tips and advice to ⁣inspire your creativity.

These sewing stores in Evansville, Indiana, are cherished by the local ⁤sewing community. Pay them​ a⁣ visit, and embark on⁣ a ⁢journey into the world of fabric, ⁤threads, and creative possibilities. No matter your skill level or project, you’ll find the‍ perfect materials and⁤ support to bring your sewing⁢ dreams to fruition.

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  1. Great selection of supplies!
    Rachel Davis: Love going here every time I have a project

    I’m really impressed with how helpful the staff here are. They have a great variety of fabrics and accessories to choose from to make any project a success! Highly recommend checking out this local store. #BuyLocal #SupportYourCommunity

  2. Absolutely adore this store! Such an amazing local business with incredible items!

  3. Just visited here today and am loving the amazing products! Great place to get all your sewing supplies! #sewinglove

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