Sewing Projects With Fat Quarters

Fat⁣ quarters are pieces of fabric ‌that are cut into quarters, each measuring approximately 18 x⁢ 22 inches. They are a popular choice for quilters and sewers due to their versatility and ⁣affordability.⁢ With fat‍ quarters,⁤ you can create a wide range of​ sewing projects, from small accessories ​to larger home⁤ decor ​items. Let’s explore some exciting sewing projects you can undertake using fat quarters!

Fat Quarters

1.⁢ Quilted Coasters

Create charming quilted coasters using fat quarters in coordinating patterns. ​Cut the fat quarters into squares, layer them with batting, and sew them together. Embellish them with ​decorative stitches or​ buttons to add a​ unique touch.

2. Zippered Pouch

A fat ​quarter can be transformed ‍into a practical zippered pouch‍ to store makeup, stationery, or small ⁢sewing supplies. Choose a fat quarter with a playful print, add a zipper, and follow a⁣ simple tutorial to make this versatile pouch.

3. Fabric Bunting

Decorate‍ your space with ⁤a⁤ colorful fabric bunting made from fat quarters. Cut triangular flag shapes out of fat quarter fabric, sew them onto bias tape or ribbon, and hang them along a wall or ​above a bed to instantly add a festive touch to any room.

4. Baby Bibs

Using soft and absorbent fat quarters, sew adorable⁤ baby bibs. The small size of fat quarters is perfect for making baby-sized bibs, and they can be easily‌ customized by adding cute appliques or embroidery.

5. Quilted Table Runner

Add a ⁤touch of elegance to your dining table with a quilted table runner made‍ from coordinating fat quarters. Cut the fat⁤ quarters into strips, arrange‌ them in a pleasing design, and sew them‍ together. Quilt the layers and bind ​the edges for a polished finish.