Sewing Projects Less Than A Yard

Sewing Projects Less Than A Yard


Are you looking for small sewing projects‍ that require less than a yard of fabric? Whether you have ⁣some scraps lying around or just want to make something quick ⁢and easy, there⁢ are plenty ⁢of options ⁣available. In this article, we will explore a few creative sewing⁤ projects that can⁢ be completed ⁢with less than a yard of fabric. Let’s get started!

1. Keychains

Keychains are a fun and practical sewing⁢ project ‌that can be customized⁣ in numerous ways. You can use ⁢small fabric scraps, ‍ add personalized embroidery, or even incorporate decorative⁣ trims and beads. They make great gifts and are perfect for‌ using up those small pieces of fabric you‌ can’t bear to throw away.

Fabric keychain

2. Coin Purses

Coin purses are​ another‌ fantastic sewing project that ⁤requires very little fabric. You can sew a simple design using a ‍zipper, or get ⁤creative by adding embellishments like buttons or appliques. Coin purses are not only practical but also a great way to ‌showcase your sewing skills and add a personal touch to ⁤your everyday accessories.

Coin ⁢purse

3. Scrunchies

If you have⁤ an excess of elastic and small fabric pieces,‌ making scrunchies is an excellent use of⁤ your ⁤resources. These ‌cute ⁤hair accessories are trendy, easy to‌ make, and‍ require less than a quarter-yard of fabric. Experiment​ with different prints and​ textures to create ​unique scrunchies⁢ that match ​your outfits or share them with friends.

Fabric scrunchies

4. Eye Mask

Have trouble sleeping? ⁣A ⁢fabric eye mask can be​ just‍ what you need for a peaceful slumber. Cut‌ out two fabric pieces, sew ⁢them together, add ⁢a soft elastic band,​ and voila! You have a personalized eye mask. ⁤Consider using luxurious satin fabric or adding ​lavender-scented pouches for​ an extra touch of relaxation.

Eye mask


As you can see, ‌there are plenty of exciting ‌sewing projects that ​can be completed with less than‍ a yard ‌of fabric. From keychains and coin ‌purses to scrunchies and eye masks, the options‍ are endless. These small projects ​not only‍ allow you⁣ to practice your ​sewing ‌skills but also provide an opportunity to create beautiful and personalized items. So gather your fabric‍ scraps, unleash your⁤ creativity, and ⁣start transforming those smaller pieces into something remarkable!

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  1. Great for those of us with limited fabric resources 🙂 Wow, this sounds like a really useful resource for any crafter! Perfect for anyone just getting started and trying to do more with less – I’m sure any seamstress/sewer would find something here to create.

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