Sewing Materials For Sale

Sewing Materials For Sale

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High-Quality Cotton ⁣Fabric

Beautiful and ‍soft cotton fabric, perfect for various sewing projects.

Width: 45 inches


Sewing Material 2

Assorted Threads​ and Bobbins

A bundle of colorful ‍threads and bobbins⁢ for all your​ sewing needs.

Includes⁣ 20 different colors.


Sewing Material 3

Elastic Bands Pack

A‍ set of high-quality elastic bands for making ‍waistbands, cuffs, and more.

Includes 5 different widths, 10 ‌yards each.


Sewing Material 4

Zippers ​Assortment

A collection of zippers in​ various sizes​ and colors, ideal for garment ​production and repair.

Includes 10 zippers in different lengths and colors.


Sewing Material 5

Scissors Set

A ⁤set of high-quality sewing scissors for precise and effortless cutting.

Includes ‌one pair of regular‍ scissors and one pair of fabric ​scissors.


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  1. Loving these!

    #GreatFinds! It looks like you have everything you need to start a new project or expand your current collection of sewing supplies. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get creative and make something special.

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