Sewing Machine Walking Foot Attachment Reviews

Sewing Machine Walking Foot Attachment Reviews

Are you tired of struggling with bulky or slippery fabrics while sewing? Do you find it difficult to sew ‌multiple layers without​ them shifting​ or puckering? If your answer⁢ is yes, then the solution to your problem might come in the form of a sewing machine walking foot ​ attachment.

A walking foot, also⁣ known‌ as ‌a ‍dual⁤ feed foot, is‍ a special attachment‍ that can ⁣be added ​to a sewing machine‍ to help feed multiple layers of fabric through the machine evenly. It works by moving ​the top layer of fabric along with the bottom layer, preventing them from shifting and ‍causing‍ misaligned stitches. This⁤ attachment is particularly useful for quilting, sewing upholstery, leather, or any project that requires thick ‌or slippery fabrics.

With⁣ so many walking foot attachments available‍ in the market,‌ it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your sewing machine. That’s where we come in – we have compiled a list of⁣ the best ⁤sewing‍ machine walking foot attachments and the reviews from satisfied⁣ customers to help⁤ you make an informed decision.

1. Janome Even Feed Foot

Janome Even Feed Foot

The Janome Even Feed Foot is a popular choice among sewists for its compatibility​ with most Janome sewing machines. It features a built-in adjustable guide to help you ⁢sew evenly‌ spaced⁤ seams. The foot has a⁣ clear view of the ‍needle, making it easier‍ to see ‍the stitching. It also has‍ a handy‍ quilting guide⁢ that can be attached for⁢ precise‌ sewing⁢ of parallel lines.

Customers have ⁢praised this walking foot for its ease of use and its ability ‌to handle thick fabrics⁤ effortlessly. One satisfied customer said,​ “I’ve used this foot ​to sew⁣ through ⁢multiple ⁣layers of denim,​ and it worked ‌like a charm. The guide​ is also very helpful for keeping my stitches straight.”

2.‌ Brother SA140 Walking Foot

Brother SA140 ⁤Walking Foot

The Brother SA140 Walking Foot is a versatile attachment that is compatible with most ⁣Brother sewing machines. It has a built-in feed dog that moves your fabric along with the bottom feed dogs, ‍resulting in even stitching. This foot also ⁣has an adjustable needle opening for different fabric⁣ thicknesses. It comes with a quilting guide for precise stitching and a seam guide for ⁢ sewing ⁣seams with exact seam allowances.

Customers have ⁣praised this walking foot for its performance on thick fabrics ⁣and how it has⁣ made quilting a lot‍ easier. One customer shared, “I have a Brother sewing machine that I use for quilting, and this walking foot has made a huge‍ difference. It glides ⁢smoothly over multiple layers of fabric, and the adjustable needle opening ​is very‌ useful⁤ for different ​thicknesses. Highly recommend it.”

3. Singer ⁢Even Feed/Walking Foot

Singer Even Feed/Walking⁣ Foot

The Singer Even Feed/Walking Foot is a universally compatible attachment ⁣that​ works ⁣with most low-shank sewing machines. It has a built-in⁢ guide to help with⁣ even stitching ⁣and comes with a‌ quilting bar attachment to help you achieve precise quilting. The foot also has a handy seam guide for consistent seam allowances.

Customers have praised ⁤the versatility⁤ of‍ this walking foot and how well it​ handles difficult fabrics. One customer raves, ‍”I have this foot for my Singer sewing machine, and I love it. I’ve used it to sew through multiple⁣ layers of thick upholstery fabric, ‌and‍ it has worked‍ perfectly.‍ The quilting bar attachment⁢ is​ also a great addition.”


Investing in a sewing‍ machine ‍walking foot attachment can make a world of difference⁤ in your sewing experience. It can save you time and frustration and‌ result in​ professional-looking projects. When choosing a walking foot, make sure to‍ check its compatibility with your sewing machine ⁤and its additional features that can ‌make your sewing process more efficient.

We hope our reviews have helped you in choosing the best⁢ walking​ foot for ⁤your sewing needs. Happy sewing!

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