Sewing Machine Serger Combo Reviews

Sewing Machine Serger Combo Reviews

Are you tired of‍ using multiple machines for different sewing techniques? Do you want a compact and convenient solution for all your sewing needs? Look no further, as sewing machine ‍serger combos are the answer to your crafting dreams. These versatile machines ‌combine the functionality of a sewing machine and a serger in one, making them a must-have for every sewing enthusiast. In this⁣ article, we bring you reviews of‌ the best sewing‌ machine serger combos, so you‌ can⁣ make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

1.⁢ Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger

The Brother 1034D⁤ 3/4‍ Thread Serger is a popular choice among sewers, with ‌its‌ affordable price and reliable performance. This machine offers⁣ a 3/4 thread option, which is perfect for finishing edges ​with a professional touch. It features an easy-to-use needle threading system, adjustable stitch width,‌ and differential feed for precise stitching. The Brother 1034D is also compact in size, ​making it ideal​ for sewing on the go.

2. Janome 8002D Serger

For those looking for a serger with a‌ large workspace, the Janome 8002D ⁢Serger is the right choice. It has a wide sewing area, perfect for handling large and bulky fabric. This machine offers⁤ a 2, 3, or 4 thread option for different stitching styles. It also has a color-coded threading diagram, making ⁣it easy to set up. The Janome 8002D Serger is also equipped⁣ with a differential feed and adjustable stitch length⁤ for added precision and control.

3. Singer Professional 14T968DC‌ Serger

The Singer Professional 14T968DC Serger ‌is a high-end machine that offers a 2, 3, 4, or 5 ​thread option, ⁣giving you endless stitching possibilities. It has a‍ color-coded threading system and an⁢ automatic‍ thread tension ⁣control for easy set-up. This machine also has a built-in ​ rolled hem feature, perfect for creating delicate edges or finishing off ruffles.⁣ With‌ its⁢ powerful motor and heavy-duty construction, the​ Singer Professional 14T968DC can handle even the toughest sewing projects.

4. ​JUKI MO-735 5-Thread Serger and Cover Hem

The JUKI MO-735 is a top-of-the-line serger ⁣with advanced features for the more experienced sewer. It offers a⁤ 2, 3, 4,⁢ or 5 thread option and has an impressive stitching‌ speed of 1500 stitches ‌per minute. ⁤This machine also has⁤ the unique cover hem ‌feature, allowing you​ to create professional-looking ⁣hems and seams ​without the need for an additional coverstitch machine. The JUKI MO-735 is a heavy-duty machine, perfect for handling thick and tough fabrics.

5. Brother⁤ 3034D Serger

Another great option from Brother is the 3034D Serger, with its budget-friendly price and⁢ user-friendly features. This machine offers a 3 or 4 ‍thread option and ​has an easy-to-follow color-coded threading system. It also has an adjustable⁤ stitch width and length,⁤ allowing you to customize your stitching according to your project requirements. The Brother 3034D Serger is compact and lightweight, making it a great choice for those with limited workspace.


Sewing machine serger combos are a ​game-changer in the sewing world, offering convenience, versatility, and professional results. When choosing a machine, consider‍ factors such as your sewing needs, budget, and the ‍machine’s features. We hope this review of the top 5 sewing machine serger combos ⁣has helped you in​ making the right decision. Invest in‍ one of these machines and take your sewing skills to the next level!

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