Sewing Machine Bobbin Organizer Reviews

Sewing Machine Bobbin Organizer Reviews

Are you tired⁤ of constantly digging through a⁢ pile of bobbins​ to ⁢find the color you need⁤ for ⁤your sewing project? Or ​have you ever accidentally dropped and lost your bobbin while working on a project?‍ If you’re someone who loves to sew, you ‍know how ‌important it⁤ is to keep your bobbins⁣ organized and easily accessible.‌ That’s where a sewing machine bobbin‍ organizer comes in. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the top⁢ sewing machine bobbin organizers on the market to help you ​find the perfect one for your sewing needs.

1. Bobbin ‍Saver by Grabbit

The Bobbin Saver by Grabbit is a popular and highly rated ‍bobbin organizer among sewers. It is made of sturdy and flexible rubber⁣ that can ‍hold up to 20 bobbins of any‌ size, and its unique design prevents the bobbin spools from unraveling. The center‍ pin holds the bobbins in place while the surrounding slots keep them from​ tangling.⁣ The compact size of the Bobbin Saver also makes it ideal⁤ for ⁣both storage and travel.

One customer reviewer said, “This bobbin organizer has⁣ been a game changer for ​me. I ⁣used to​ spend a lot of time untangling ⁤my bobbins, but with the Bobbin Saver, I never have that problem⁤ anymore. It keeps ⁤my bobbins neatly organized and ready to use.”

2. Bobbin Box by Dritz

The Bobbin ‍Box by Dritz ​is perfect for sewers ‌who⁤ prefer a more traditional storage solution. It features ​a⁤ hard plastic case ⁣with a hinged lid and foam insert that can hold‌ up to 28 bobbins. The foam‍ insert has pre-cut holes to securely hold the bobbins in place, preventing ⁣them from moving or unraveling. The compact size ⁣of the Bobbin​ Box also makes it ⁢easy to store‍ and⁣ transport.

A customer who purchased the ‌Bobbin Box shared, “I was tired of losing my bobbins or having them scattered all over my sewing desk. The Bobbin Box has been a‍ lifesaver. Not only ‌does it ‍keep my bobbins organized, but the case also prevents them from​ getting dusty‍ or tangled.”

3. Stack ‘N Store Bobbin‍ Tower by Singer

The‍ Stack ‘N Store Bobbin Tower by Singer is a unique and space-saving bobbin organizer. The tower can hold up to 30 bobbins and is designed to stack for easy storage. Each ​level can‌ be rotated‌ individually, making it effortless ⁣to access the bobbins.⁤ The tower also comes with a thread locking system to prevent the bobbins from unraveling.

A customer wrote,⁤ “I ⁣love how compact and convenient‌ this bobbin tower is. It’s ⁢perfect⁣ for my ⁣ small sewing ‍space, and ‍I can easily find and access ‌the color I need. The thread locking system is also a great bonus.”

4. Bobbin Saver 2 by ⁢Grabbit

The Bobbin ‍Saver ​2 ⁢by Grabbit is an upgraded ‍version of their original Bobbin Saver. It can hold up to 50 bobbins of any size and features a larger center pin‍ and deeper slots to accommodate bigger bobbins. The soft rubber material allows for easy insertion and⁣ removal of bobbins, while‌ still ​keeping them secure and tangle-free. The Bobbin Saver​ 2 also comes with a thread-locking⁣ system to prevent the bobbins from unwinding.

One⁢ happy​ customer exclaimed,⁣ “I have a lot of bobbins, and the Bobbin Saver ‌2 was the perfect solution for my‌ chaotic ​sewing area. It keeps all⁤ my bobbins organized and easily accessible, and the thread ⁣locking system ensures​ that⁤ they stay in place. I highly recommend it to any sewer.”


A ⁣sewing machine bobbin organizer is a must-have for any sewing enthusiast. Not only does it⁢ help keep your bobbins⁢ organized⁢ and easily⁤ accessible, but it ​also prevents them from unraveling or getting lost. ⁤There are various types and designs of bobbin⁢ organizers available, so ⁤it’s essential to choose one that suits ‌your ‍storage needs‍ and sewing style. All of the bobbin organizers we‌ reviewed ⁢are highly rated and have proven to be ‍effective in keeping bobbins organized. We hope‍ this article helps you find the‌ perfect sewing machine bobbin organizer for your sewing projects.

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  1. “If you’re looking for an easy way to keep all of your sewing machine bobbins in one place, this is the perfect product!” This is a great way to keep your bobbins in an organized manner, making sewing projects quick and fuss-free. I highly recommend it!

  2. Awesome product! It works just like described!

    I’ve been using this product for a while now and it’s a great way to make sure all of my bobbins stay in one place. Plus, it’s super easy to use which is a major plus. Highly recommend it!

  3. Definitely great for beginner sewers! I recently started learning to sew and this product was such a great help. I can easily tell which bobbin I need without having to fumble around my craft drawer. I love it!
    This product sounds like a great solution for any sewer’s needs! The fact that it’s easy to use and can help beginners learn with ease is a major plus. It’s definitely one product worth looking into.

  4. Wow, this bobbin organizer sounds like a must-have for any sewer’s toolkit! It’s great that it’s designed for both beginners and experienced sewers, and makes it easier to always find the right bobbin without any hassle. Highly recommend it!

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