Sewing Fabric On Knit

Sewing Fabric On Knit

Sewing fabric on knit can be a challenging task, but with the right ​techniques and⁢ tools, you can achieve professional-looking ​results. Whether you want to‌ add ​embellishments to your knit‍ garments or repair a ‌hole, sewing fabric onto knit is an ⁢essential skill for any sewing enthusiast.

Step 1:

Prepare⁣ your materials. Choose a fabric that complements your knit garment. Ensure that both the fabric and⁣ the knit are pre-washed⁤ to avoid any shrinkage later ‍on. Prepare your sewing machine ​with a ballpoint needle, as it is ideal for sewing on knit fabric.

Step 2:

Place your knit fabric on a flat surface and lay the fabric ⁣piece you want to⁤ sew on top of it. ⁣Pin the fabric in place, making sure it‍ is securely‌ positioned.

Step 3:

Using a zigzag stitch‍ on your sewing machine, carefully sew around the edges of the fabric piece. The zigzag stitch ⁣allows the⁤ fabric to stretch along with the ⁤knit fabric, preventing any tearing or damage.

Step 4:

After sewing, trim any​ excess fabric or threads, leaving a clean ⁤finish. You can also go ⁢over the edges with a serger or an overcast stitch if you want added durability.

Step‌ 5:

To reinforce the fabric, you can stitch a⁤ second row of zigzag⁢ stitches parallel to the⁤ first one. This gives extra strength to the attachment and prolongs the lifespan of⁣ the fabric piece on your ⁣knit garment.

Step 6:

Finally, ⁣give your sewn ⁤fabric ⁤piece a ​gentle press with⁢ an iron to smooth out any wrinkles or puckering. Be cautious ‌while ironing, as excessive heat can damage delicate ⁢knit fabrics.

With these steps, you⁢ can‍ confidently sew fabric ⁣onto knit and create⁤ beautiful garments or repair your favorite knit ⁤items. Remember to practice on ⁤scrap fabrics before working on your main project to improve your skills and achieve⁣ the best results.

Happy ‌sewing!

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  1. So many possibilities!

    Jenna Smith: Love this idea!

    Great idea! Sewing fabric on knit really opens up a whole new world of fabric possibilities. There are so many different types of fabrics and combinations that you can create – from soft and cozy sweaters to sophisticated and stylish blouses – the possibilities are endless!

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