Sew & Fabric St Austell

Sew & Fabric St Austell

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Welcome to ,⁣ your one-stop shop for all your sewing and fabric needs in St Austell and the‍ surrounding areas.

Whether you are an experienced ‍seamstress or just starting out with ‌sewing, we have everything you need ⁢to bring your creative ideas to life. From a wide range ​of fabrics, threads, and accessories to sewing patterns, ‌ tools, and machines, we have it‌ all.

Our expert staff are passionate‍ about sewing and are always ready to provide you with advice⁤ and assistance. With years of experience⁤ in the industry, they can help⁢ you find the perfect fabric for your project or guide you through the process of choosing the right sewing machine.

123 ⁢Main Street

St Austell, Cornwall

SA1 234

Phone: 01234 567890

3 thoughts on “Sew & Fabric St Austell

  1. Love to sew!
    Love this store • Sharon Fish

    Sounds like a great place to find everything you need for your sewing and fabric needs! Shopping for the best fabrics and learning new skills seems like such a fun way to spend the day. #fabriclover

  2. Definitely bookmarking this one!

    What a great place for all your fabric and sewing needs! It definitely sounds like the perfect spot for those looking to explore new fabrics or brush up on their skills. It’s clear that Isha, Hillary, and Sharon all love this store, so I’m sure I’ll love every minute spent there too! #fabricshopping

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