Quilt Patterns Triangles Squares

Quilt Patterns: Triangles and ⁣Squares


A quilt is a beautiful piece of textile art that can be ​both functional and decorative. Quilting ⁤involves sewing multiple layers of fabric together, and one of the most popular designs is the combination of triangles and squares. Here are some⁢ classic‌ quilt patterns that incorporate these geometric shapes.

Triangle Quilt⁢ Pattern

Triangle Medley

The Triangle Medley quilt pattern showcases a variety of colorful triangles arranged in an intricate yet‍ harmonious design. The playfulness of the triangles creates a ⁢visually⁢ stunning effect that adds a⁣ modern touch to any room.

Square Quilt Pattern

Square Symphony

The Square Symphony quilt pattern⁤ is all ⁤about the elegant simplicity of ‍squares. The symmetrical‌ arrangement of squares in different shades creates a sense of balance and tranquility. This pattern is perfect for those who appreciate ‌clean, minimalist ​designs.

Triangle and Square Quilt Pattern

Tri-Square Fusion

The Tri-Square Fusion ​quilt pattern combines triangles and squares to ⁣create a dynamic and engaging design. The vibrant colors and the juxtaposition of ⁣shapes make‌ this pattern a true statement ⁣piece. This pattern is ideal for those who ‍want to add a⁢ burst of energy to their living space.


Quilts with triangle and square designs​ offer endless possibilities for creativity ⁣and expression. Whether you prefer a modern, lively pattern or a simple, soothing ​one, these‌ quilt patterns will provide a touch ​of warmth and​ artistry ‌to your home. ​So grab your sewing kit and start stitching ‍ your own masterpiece!

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  1. Love these shapes!

    Heather: Absolutely gorgeous!

    #TrianglesAndSquares – what a classic combination for a quilt! I love the vintage look that both triangles and squares can bring. Plus, it creates an interesting pattern to look at when the quilt is finished and brings together a great blend of shapes and colors!

  2. I am in awe of the quilters who can make these patterns look so intricate and beautiful!

  3. This is a great pattern for any quilter’s collection. I’m excited to see where this project goes!

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