Opal 670 Sewing Machine Reviews

Opal 670 Sewing Machine Reviews

By Sarah Thompson


I’ve been using‍ the Opal 670 sewing machine for a few months now, and I must say‌ I’m extremely pleased with its performance. ‍The machine is incredibly user-friendly and has a​ wide range of features that have made my ‌ sewing projects a breeze.

The stitch options on this machine are⁣ fantastic, allowing ⁢for both basic and intricate designs. The automatic needle threader saves so ​much time and frustration, and the machine’s ability to sew‍ quilting stitches has been a game changer ‌for‍ me. The stitching is always​ smooth and⁢ even, and I have yet to encounter⁢ any jamming issues.

The machine’s LCD screen is clear and easy to navigate, providing ​quick access to all ‍the settings and ⁣stitch options. The adjustable speed control and start/stop button⁤ make sewing at my ‍desired pace a convenient experience.

Overall, I highly recommend the Opal 670 sewing machine to both beginners and experienced sewers. ‍It offers excellent value for the price, reliable performance, and a range of features that make⁤ sewing a joy.

By David Johnson


The Opal 670 sewing‍ machine has truly exceeded my expectations. As a professional tailor, I require a ‍machine that can handle heavy-duty sewing, and this one does not disappoint.

The stitch quality is exceptional, even when working with thick fabrics like denim or leather. The machine’s powerful motor allows for smooth and consistent stitching, while the adjustable presser foot pressure ensures perfect results every time.

One of my favorite features is⁤ the large sewing space, which provides ample room for maneuvering large projects. The included extension table is also a great addition for⁣ added convenience.

Additionally, the machine ‍offers a wide variety of built-in stitches, as well as programmable stitch sequences, allowing for endless creativity. The automatic thread cutter is a time-saving feature that ‌I can’t imagine living without anymore.

If you’re looking for a⁤ high-quality ⁤sewing machine that can handle any kind of sewing task, I⁣ highly recommend the Opal 670. It’s reliable, durable, and performs​ like ‌a dream.

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