How To Thread Sewing Machine Singer

How To Thread Sewing Machine Singer


Sewing machines ⁤are ⁢incredibly ‍useful tools for ​any⁤ sewing enthusiast. If you own a ​Singer sewing machine and need guidance on how to thread it, you’ve come​ to the⁣ right place. Threading a ⁤Singer sewing machine‍ doesn’t have to be a daunting task – just follow these step-by-step instructions and you’ll be ready to sew in ⁤no time!

Step 1: Prepare ⁢the Thread

Make sure you have a spool of thread that ‍matches the fabric ⁣you will be sewing. Place the‌ spool of ‌thread on the spool pin located at the top of the machine.‍ Ensure the spool‍ rotates freely. If needed, use a thread spool cap to secure the spool in place.

Step 2: Thread the Bobbin

Load an empty ​bobbin onto the bobbin winder spindle. Take the loose end of ‍the thread and ​loop it through the bobbin winding tension disc. Pull the thread towards the bobbin, making sure it goes through the hole‌ in the bobbin. ⁣Push the‍ bobbin to the⁢ right to engage the bobbin winder mechanism, then press​ the foot‍ pedal to wind⁣ the bobbin.

Step 3: Thread‌ the Upper Thread

Place the ⁣bobbin on the bobbin ‌case​ and insert ⁤it into ‍the⁣ machine. Move the bobbin cover plate back into position. Now, take the end of the‍ thread from the⁣ spool and guide it‍ through the thread guide located‍ on the top of ​the machine. ‍Follow the arrows or⁢ numbers​ indicating the threading⁤ path, passing the thread ⁤through various tension discs, thread guides, and the​ take-up lever. Finally, thread the needle from front to back.

Step 4: Tension Adjustment

Make sure the upper thread passes correctly‍ through the tension discs. To check this, pull⁤ the thread from below the presser foot. The thread should ‍move smoothly with ⁤a slight⁤ resistance. If it’s too loose or tight, adjust the tension dial accordingly.

Step 5: Final​ Checks

Before ‍starting to sew, hold both the upper and bobbin threads together behind​ the presser foot and pull them towards the back of the machine. This will prevent them from getting tangled or causing issues. Double-check that you have correctly followed all the threading steps and that the machine is properly set‌ up.


Threading a ⁢Singer sewing ⁢machine might seem intimidating at ⁢first, but ‍with practice, it​ will become second​ nature. Following these⁣ step-by-step instructions will help you thread your machine effectively and efficiently. Remember⁤ to always refer to your machine’s manual for specific instructions related to your model. Happy sewing!