How To Thread Sewing Machine Kenmore

How To Thread Sewing Machine Kenmore

If you own a Kenmore sewing machine, it ⁢is important to know how to thread it correctly. Threading⁤ your machine properly ensures smooth⁣ and perfect stitches every⁤ time you sew.‌ In this article, we will ⁣guide you through the process of threading a Kenmore sewing machine⁤ step-by-step.

Step 1: Prepare the Machine

Before starting the threading ⁤process, make sure your sewing machine is ⁤turned off and⁢ unplugged. This is crucial for⁣ your safety.

Step 2: Raise the Needle and Presser Foot

Use the handwheel or the machine’s electronic controls⁣ to raise the needle⁣ to its highest position. This will make threading ⁣easier ⁢and prevent accidental damage to ⁣the needle.

Also, raise​ the presser foot using the lever located behind the needle area. This releases the tension on​ the thread, allowing it to flow smoothly.

Step 3: Threading the Upper​ Thread

  1. Take the thread spool⁢ and ⁣place it on the spool pin located at the top-right corner of the machine.
  2. Guide the thread through any necessary thread guides.
  3. Next, pull⁤ the thread around the tension discs and through the tension release unit.
  4. Find the take-up lever, usually located near ⁢the needle ⁢bar. Thread the thread through it from ‌right to left.
  5. Bring the thread down towards the ​needle, ‍passing it through all relevant⁣ thread guides along the way until you reach‌ the needle.
  6. Lastly, thread⁣ the needle‍ from front to back.⁤ You can use a needle threader if⁣ available to make this⁤ step easier.

Step 4: Threading the Bobbin

Ensure you have an empty bobbin to ‌proceed.

  1. Open the bobbin case and put ​the bobbin ⁢inside, ensuring it rotates counterclockwise when pulled‍ by the thread.
  2. Guide the thread through the⁢ bobbin case’s guides and then under the tension spring.
  3. Hold ⁤the thread tail​ and slide it into the ⁢slot of the‍ bobbin case.
  4. Snap the bobbin ​case back inside the⁣ machine until it clicks into place.

Step 5: Testing the Thread

Once both the upper thread and bobbin thread are correctly threaded, pull both ‍threads towards the‌ back of the machine.

Hold the ‌threads together and gently turn the handwheel ⁤towards you. The needle should descend, pick up the bobbin thread, and bring it up with the upper thread.

If this test goes smoothly, you ‌are ready to start sewing.

Final‌ Thoughts

Threading​ a Kenmore sewing⁣ machine correctly is essential‌ for achieving professional and problem-free sewing results. By following these⁣ steps and ​practicing a ⁤few times, you⁤ will become ‌proficient ‌at ‌threading ⁣your Kenmore sewing machine with ease. Happy sewing!