How To Thread Sewing Machine Bobbin Singer

How To Thread Sewing Machine Bobbin Singer


Threading the bobbin on a Singer ​ sewing machine is an essential step to⁣ ensure smooth and efficient stitching. The ‍properly threaded bobbin helps in creating ⁣balanced tension between ‍the top thread⁤ and the⁤ bobbin thread, ⁣resulting in even and beautiful stitches.

Step-by-step Instructions

Follow‍ these⁤ steps to thread the bobbin on your Singer sewing ⁣machine:

  1. Start by turning off the​ sewing machine and unplugging it for safety.
  2. Locate the bobbin winder ⁢on your Singer sewing⁤ machine. ⁤It is usually positioned on the top-right side of‍ the machine.
  3. Bobbin Winder Position ‌on Singer Sewing Machine

  4. Place the ⁤empty bobbin onto the ⁣bobbin winder spindle. Ensure it is ⁣securely positioned.
  5. Placing ⁣Bobbin on Spindle

  6. Take the end of the thread‌ and pass it through ‍the small hole in the​ side‌ of the bobbin.
  7. Passing⁢ Thread Through the Bobbin Hole

  8. Hold⁤ the end ‍of the thread with​ one hand and turn​ the bobbin winder clockwise with the other hand to ⁤lock ⁤it ⁣in ​place.
  9. Locking the Bobbin Winder

  10. Keep holding the end⁢ of the thread and begin ⁤operating your sewing machine at a slow speed. The bobbin will start winding with the thread.
  11. Starting the Winding Process

  12. Make sure⁣ to stop the machine when the bobbin is about 75-80% full. Overfilling may cause issues during sewing.
  13. Stopping the Winding Process

  14. Cut the ⁣thread, release the bobbin winder, and‍ remove the bobbin from the spindle.
  15. Removing the Filled‌ Bobbin

  16. Place the filled bobbin into the bobbin case, ensuring‌ the thread is unwinding in a clockwise direction.
  17. Inserting⁢ the Bobbin into the Bobbin ‍Case

  18. Pass the thread through the​ tension spring and‍ into the thread slot firmly.
  19. Passing the Thread through the Tension Spring

  20. Finally, pull out a few inches of⁣ thread ‍and close ⁤the bobbin case cover.
  21. Closing⁢ the Bobbin Case Cover


Threading the​ sewing machine​ bobbin‍ in your Singer machine is a relatively straightforward​ process ⁢when you follow the steps ‌carefully. By doing it correctly, you’ll be all​ set to‍ continue with your⁣ sewing projects, ⁢assured of smooth stitching and professionally finished garments and ‌crafts.

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