Best Sewing Material Shops

Best Sewing Material Shops

Are you a sewing⁣ enthusiast looking for the‌ best materials to create your ⁢next⁣ masterpiece? Look no further, as we have rounded up the top sewing material shops ‍that cater to all your fabric ‌and supply ​needs.


Fabricland is‌ a one-stop-shop for all your sewing needs. With over 100⁣ years of experience, this family-owned business has grown to become⁢ one ​of the largest fabric retailers in Canada. They offer a wide range‍ of fabrics, from 100% cotton to luxurious silk,‍ you‍ name it! Their extensive selection‍ also includes trims, notions, and ⁤sewing⁣ patterns. ‍With ⁤affordable prices and knowledgeable staff,⁤ Fabricland is a⁤ go-to‍ destination for both amateur and professional‌ sewists.


Joann is a well-known name in ‍the crafting industry. They have a vast selection‌ of fabrics, ranging ​from⁢ basic‌ cotton ⁤to designer upholstery ‌fabrics. They also carry an extensive‌ collection of sewing ⁤tools, ⁣machines, and accessories. Their website offers online ordering with in-store pickup, making it convenient for shoppers. Furthermore, Joann frequently offers ⁤discounts and sales, making it a budget-friendly option for your sewing‌ needs.

Mood Fabrics

If you are‌ a fan of the popular show, ​Project Runway, then you‌ are​ familiar with Mood Fabrics. With stores in New York, Los Angeles,⁣ and online shopping available, ‌Mood Fabrics is a go-to for high-quality designer⁤ fabrics. They have a vast ⁢collection of luxury⁣ fabrics, including silk, lace, and wool, to name​ a few. Mood Fabrics also ​offers a variety of sewing classes, making it the perfect destination for both shopping and learning new techniques.

La Mercerie

For all the online shoppers out there, La⁤ Mercerie is a ​gem‍ of a find. This online ⁣store specializes in unique, ​hard-to-find fabrics ⁣and trims. Their ⁢collection ​includes organic cotton, linen, and hand-dyed fabrics, perfect for creating one-of-a-kind pieces. La Mercerie also offers a⁢ variety of sewing patterns, including​ indie ‌designer patterns,⁤ to inspire your ‍next project.

Spool Fabric Shop

Located ‍in Philadelphia, Spool Fabric Shop is a must-visit ⁣for any sewing enthusiast. They‍ curate a beautiful selection of​ fabrics, including​ linen, cotton, and wool, from ⁤both local ‍and​ independent designers. Their​ shop⁣ also ‍carries⁢ sewing tools and notions, perfect for ⁢any project. What sets Spool Fabric Shop apart is their focus on ‌sustainability, promoting ethical⁣ and eco-friendly materials.

In conclusion

With the rise in‌ popularity of DIY and ⁤handmade ‍items, the⁢ demand for ⁣quality sewing materials has increased. These five sewing material shops stand ‌out for their vast selection of quality fabrics, affordable prices,​ and knowledgeable staff.​ Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these stores are ⁢worth⁢ a visit for ‌all your sewing needs.⁢ So gather your ideas, grab your ​fabric, ‌and get⁣ ready ⁤to​ create your​ next⁢ sewing project with the best materials in ​hand.

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