Youtube Quilting Designs

Youtube Quilting Designs

YouTube Quilting Designs

Quilting is a centuries-old practice that has transformed over time and become a popular craft for many people around the​ world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter,⁣ YouTube ⁣has become a go-to platform ​for accessing a wide​ range of quilting designs, tutorials, ​and inspiration. ⁤With countless channels dedicated ⁣to ‍quilting, you​ can easily find‌ creative ideas, helpful tips, and step-by-step instructions to enhance your⁤ quilting journey.

1. Missouri Star ​Quilt Company

The​ Missouri Star ⁤Quilt‍ Company has gained immense popularity on YouTube ‌for its informative and user-friendly quilting tutorials. From basic quilting techniques to intricate designs, their channel offers a wealth⁢ of⁣ resources⁤ for quilters of all levels. With their charismatic host Jenny Doan, you’ll learn ⁣a variety of quilting‌ styles, fabric selection tips, and ‌efficient ‍piecing methods.

2. The Quilt Show

Hosted by⁣ renowned quilters⁣ Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims,⁢ The Quilt Show YouTube⁤ channel offers a​ premium ‌experience ⁤for ⁤quilters seeking ‌ in-depth, professional guidance.⁤ With an extensive archive ⁢of episodes, you can ​dive ⁢into a vast array of quilting designs, ⁤exploring‌ traditional, ‍modern, and⁤ art quilts. The channel features interviews ​with renowned quilters, innovative techniques,‌ and⁣ showcases spectacular quilting exhibitions from around‍ the ⁢world.

3. Quilting Daily

Quilting Daily offers ‍a plethora of‌ diverse quilting content on its YouTube channel. From quilting basics to ⁢advanced techniques, this‍ channel ⁢has something​ for everyone. You’ll ⁢find tutorials on block⁤ piecing, applique methods, ⁣free-motion quilting, and much more. The channel’s lively host, Jennifer Keltner, ensures each tutorial is easy to follow and enjoyable.

4. SewVeryEasy

Hosted by Laura Coia, the SewVeryEasy YouTube channel ‍offers a mix of quilting,⁣ sewing, and crafting ‌videos. With her ‍warm and friendly ⁣demeanor, Laura guides viewers‌ through various quilting projects and techniques. She focuses not only on ​traditional⁢ quilt designs but also explores exciting modern trends, making her channel suitable for both traditionalists⁣ and ⁢contemporary quilters.

5. National Quilters Circle

The National Quilters Circle YouTube channel is a‍ great resource for quilters ‍looking for detailed⁣ tutorials covering a wide range of topics. ⁣From quilting blocks to quilt finishing‌ techniques, this channel provides step-by-step instructions with clarity and precision. The channel also includes helpful videos on choosing the ‌right tools, fabric selection, and troubleshooting common ⁤quilting challenges.


YouTube has revolutionized the quilting world by making valuable information and inspiration accessible to everyone. The⁢ channels highlighted here are just a few examples of the immense quilting‌ community contributions‌ on YouTube. Whether you are seeking ⁣to‌ learn ⁢new techniques, explore unique​ designs, ​or connect ⁢with⁣ fellow quilters, ⁣YouTube is⁢ undoubtedly a treasure​ trove for​ all⁢ quilting enthusiasts.​ So, grab your fabrics, thread, and sewing machine,‌ and embark ⁤on your quilting adventures with ​the help of ‌these amazing YouTube channels!

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