Sewing Thread Ticket Number

Sewing Thread Ticket Number

When‌ it comes to sewing, having the right thread is essential for producing ‍high-quality garments. Every sewing thread comes with⁤ a unique ticket number, which serves multiple purposes in the textile⁤ industry. In this article, we will explore the significance of the sewing thread ticket number and its importance in⁣ the garment manufacturing process.

What is a ⁣?

The sewing thread ticket number is a unique identification code assigned to every spool or cone of thread produced by manufacturers. It typically consists of a combination of alphanumeric characters that indicate the thread’s specific details and properties.

Importance of the

The sewing thread ticket number plays a crucial role for manufacturers, designers, and even end-users. Here are some ⁢reasons why it holds such significance:

  • Quality Control: The ticket number helps manufacturers track the‌ origin, composition, and quality of the thread ⁣used in the production of garments. It allows them to ensure ⁣consistency in the thread’s color, strength, and other properties, resulting in consistent and reliable end products.
  • Product Information: ⁣By referring to the ticket number, designers can easily access detailed information about the thread, such as the recommended needle size, tension settings, and other ‌technical specifications. This helps them make informed decisions ⁢during the design and sewing process.
  • Inventory Management: Sewing thread⁢ ticket numbers make it easier for manufacturers to track their inventory and reorder threads when needed. With this identification code, they can check stock levels, identify threads that ​are⁤ running low, and ensure a seamless​ supply chain.

Locating the

The sewing thread ticket number⁤ is usually printed or engraved on the spool or cone of thread. It can be found either on the top, bottom, or side of the thread storage unit. Manufacturers ensure that the ticket number is clearly visible for easy ‍identification and reference.


In summary, the sewing thread ticket number is an essential element of the ​textile industry. It allows manufacturers to maintain quality control, provides designers with important product ⁢information, and‌ facilitates efficient inventory management.‍ So the next time you pick up a spool of sewing thread, take a moment to locate and appreciate the ⁣ticket number, as it represents the detailed history and⁣ characteristics of that particular thread.

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