Sewing Notions Storage

Sewing Notions Storage

Drawer Dividers

Use drawer dividers to create compartments ⁣inside ⁣your sewing drawers. This allows you to
⁤ separate and organize different notions such as ‍buttons, zippers, and‍ thread spools.

Jar Containers

Keep small sewing notions like ⁢ pins, needles, and thimbles in⁢ clear jar containers. ⁢This allows
⁢ ⁤ you to easily see and access the items while⁤ keeping them neatly stored.

Hanging Organizers

Hang fabric or plastic organizers with ⁤multiple pockets on the walls of your ⁣sewing room. These
‍ ‍ ⁣ can be used​ to store various sewing supplies and keep them within reach while you work.

Sewing ‌Tip 1

Consider labeling each ‍storage container to easily find and identify specific sewing notions.

Sewing Tip 2

Make use of a ⁣pegboard or corkboard on the wall to hang scissors, measuring tapes, and other
frequently used tools.

Sewing Tip‍ 3

Invest in a thread rack or organizer to neatly display and store your collection of thread
‌ spools.

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  1. Great tips!
    Kathryn Carpenter: Love the photos, so helpful!

    A great way to keep everything organized! Keeping sewing notions in the right place makes it easy to find exactly what you need when embarking on a project – the information and tips provided here are invaluable!

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