Sewing Notions Name Origin

Sewing Notions Name Origin

Sewing notions are the essential tools and supplies that ‍help make sewing​ projects successful. From measuring tools to fasteners,⁣ these items ⁤have unique names that often have an interesting origin.

1. Thimble

The word “thimble” ​comes from the Old English word “thȳmel,”⁢ meaning a protective covering or cap. Thimbles have been used for centuries to protect the sewer’s finger while pushing a ‌ needle through‌ fabric. Typically made of⁤ metal, this handy tool ⁤ is still widely used today.

2. Bobbin

The ⁤term “bobbin” ⁤is derived from​ the Middle English word “bobbe,” referring to a small rounded object or a small wheel. Bobbins are used to‍ hold thread in a sewing machine or for ‌hand stitching. These⁢ small devices help⁢ ensure smooth and even stitches without tangling the thread.

Image of various sewing bobbins

3. ⁢Seam Ripper

A “seam ripper” ‌is a useful tool for removing unwanted stitches. The term “ripper” originates from the verb “rip,” meaning to tear apart. Seam ⁢rippers have a small⁢ pointed end ​to help unpick stitches carefully without damaging the⁤ fabric.

4. Pincushion

Have you ever wondered why these little holders for sewing pins are called pincushions? The word “pincushion” originated from combining‍ “pin” with “cushion.” Early ‍pin cushions were usually filled with sawdust or wool, ⁣providing⁣ a cushion-like surface for keeping pins securely in place.

Image of a vintage pincushion

5. Bias Tape

“Bias tape” is a narrow strip of fabric used for finishing ⁢edges or making decorative trims. The term “bias” refers to‌ the 45-degree angle at ⁤which ​the fabric is cut, which allows it‍ to stretch​ and ⁣curve smoothly ‌around corners. Bias tape is known for providing clean and ​professional-looking finishes⁣ to garments‌ and other sewn items.

6. Needle Threader

A “needle⁢ threader” is a handy tool designed to help pass the thread through the eye of⁢ a needle. This​ small device usually consists of a diamond-shaped wire loop attached to a handle. The name⁣ “threader” simple ⁤comes​ from its purpose – threading needles more easily and‌ efficiently.

Image of a needle threader

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    This is really cool to learn about! It makes me appreciate all the hard work it takes to create an item of clothing even more. Sewing is such an incredible skill and it’s fascinating to discover how the various supplies used to create clothing have come to be known.

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