Sewing Machine Zipper Foot Reviews

Sewing Machine Zipper Foot Reviews

Zipper foot is an ⁢essential attachment for a sewing‌ machine that allows you​ to sew a ⁢zipper onto a garment with ease and precision. As a sewer, I understand the importance of having a good quality zipper foot to⁣ make ​my sewing projects look⁤ professional and well-made. But with so many options available in the market, it⁤ can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why I have compiled a list of sewing machine zipper foot reviews to help ​you‌ make an informed ​decision.

1. Janome ‌941910000 ‌Adjustable Zipper Foot

The Janome 941910000 adjustable zipper foot is one of the‌ most recommended zipper feet in the market by sewing enthusiasts. It‍ is compatible with most Janome sewing ⁣machines and can⁣ easily be attached to the machine’s shank. What sets this zipper foot apart is its adjustable​ feature that allows ​you to ⁣move the foot to the right or left to sew close to‍ the ‌zipper⁤ teeth.

Furthermore, this zipper‍ foot is made of high-quality materials, making it sturdy and durable.‌ It glides⁢ smoothly over the fabric, ‌providing even stitching without any skips or snags. ​The adjustable zipper foot ​is‌ perfect for beginners as‍ it is effortless ​to use and provides professional-looking results.

2. Tacony⁤ Corporation​ Goat’s Eye Zipper⁣ Foot

The Tacony Corporation Goat’s Eye Zipper Foot is another​ popular choice among sewers.⁣ Made of​ high-quality steel,​ it​ is durable​ and can be used with various ⁣types of ‌fabrics.⁢ This zipper foot has a​ unique goat’s eye shape, allowing you ⁤to stitch close to the zipper teeth without snagging the fabric.

What I love ‍about this zipper foot is ​its precision stitching.⁢ It ‌has a perfectly aligned center mark, ⁤making it easy to stitch straight lines. Additionally, the​ Tacony Corporation Goat’s​ Eye Zipper Foot is compatible with most sewing ⁤machines, making it⁤ a versatile option ‍for ‌every sewing ‍enthusiast.

3. Singer‌ 161167Sliding Zipper Foot

The Singer 161167 Sliding Zipper Foot ⁤is an excellent choice for those ‌who own a Singer sewing machine. It‌ is designed to fit Singer sewing‍ machines perfectly and is effortless to attach. This zipper foot has a slider that moves back and forth, allowing you‌ to stitch close to the zipper ⁤teeth with ease.

The Singer 161167⁢ Sliding Zipper Foot is made of high-quality materials, ensuring it lasts for a long time. It provides precision stitching and ​is suitable for various sewing projects, from garment construction‍ to home decor.⁤ This zipper foot is‌ perfect for both ‌beginner​ and advanced⁤ sewers.

4. Bernina ⁤Zipper Foot #4

The Bernina Zipper Foot⁢ #4 is a high-end zipper foot designed for Bernina sewing machines.‍ It ​is constructed with quality materials, ⁣ensuring its⁢ longevity. This zipper foot has a unique​ shape that allows you to stitch close to​ the zipper⁤ teeth without catching ⁤the fabric.

What makes this zipper foot⁢ stand out is its ability to sew invisible zippers. The foot has a groove that lines ‌up with the zipper teeth, ‍providing perfect stitching every time. It is also adjustable, making it suitable for various ⁣zipper sizes. The Bernina Zipper ⁤Foot #4 is a must-have for sewers ⁢who ‍love making garments ‌with invisible zippers.


A ⁤good quality zipper foot is a ‍necessary investment for sewers to ‌achieve professional-looking results in their‍ projects. With the ⁣help of these sewing machine⁤ zipper foot reviews, you can‌ now make an informed decision when purchasing ‌a⁣ zipper foot for your sewing machine. Remember, choose the one that is‍ compatible with your ‍machine and provides the features you need to make your sewing experience more effortless and enjoyable.

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