Sewing Machine Walking Foot Reviews

Sewing Machine Walking Foot Reviews

Are you a sewing enthusiast looking for the perfect walking foot for your sewing machine? If so, you’ve come to the right place! A walking foot, also known as an even feed foot, is a must-have for any serious sewer. It is a specialized sewing machine attachment that helps to ‌evenly feed layers ⁣of fabric through the machine, preventing fabric shifting and puckering.

With a ⁤variety of walking foot options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. That’s why we’ve ‌gathered some of the most popular sewing machine walking foot reviews to help guide you in making the right purchase ‌decision.

1. Singer Even Feed / Walking​ Presser Foot

The Singer Even ‍Feed foot is compatible with most low shank sewing machines and is known for its excellent ⁢performance in handling multiple layers of fabric, making it perfect for quilting and sewing bulky fabrics.‌ It comes ‌with a guide ‌bar that can be adjusted for different seam allowances and has a sturdy build, ensuring long-lasting ⁣use.

Reviewers have raved about ⁤its smooth and precise stitching, with ⁣many stating that it‍ is a great alternative to the more⁤ expensive walking foot brands. However, some​ have mentioned that it may not work as well on thicker fabrics such as leather or vinyl.

2. Janome Even⁤ Feed Foot with Quilting Guide

The Janome​ Even Feed foot is specifically designed for quilting⁢ and has been praised for its superior feeding and‍ even stitching. It ​has a built-in quilting guide that can be adjusted for different seam‌ allowances, making it easier to create evenly ⁣spaced quilting lines.

Users have reported that this walking foot is a game-changer for their quilting projects, with one reviewer stating that it has eliminated fabric shifting ​issues completely. However, some have noted that it may not fit older ​or non-Janome sewing machines, so it’s important⁤ to check ⁤compatibility before purchasing.

3. Brother SA107 Walking Foot

The Brother SA107 walking foot is compatible with‍ most⁣ Brother ‌sewing machines and is⁤ highly recommended for those working with multiple layers of ⁢fabric or slippery ​fabrics.⁣ It has a built-in quilting guide‌ that can be adjusted for precise ​spacing and is designed to reduce puckering and‌ ensure even stitching.

Reviewers have praised its ability to handle thick materials, such as⁤ denim and canvas, with ease. They also appreciate the clear guide markings that make it easier to sew straight lines. However, some have mentioned that the bulky design of this foot may make it difficult to maneuver when sewing tight curves and corners.

4. Juki Even Feed Walking Foot

The Juki Even Feed walking foot is designed for ⁤ industrial sewing machines and is highly recommended for heavy-duty ​projects. It has a⁢ large feed dog that can handle thick materials and has a lever for adjusting the amount of pressure applied to the fabric.

Reviews for this walking foot have been overwhelmingly positive, with ⁤many noting its durable⁢ build and excellent performance in sewing through⁤ multiple layers of fabric. Some have mentioned, though, that it may not fit all Juki models, so it’s important to check ​compatibility before purchasing.

5. Dritz Sewing Machine Walking ⁢Foot

The Dritz‌ Sewing Machine‌ walking foot is a budget-friendly option for those looking for a walking foot for occasional use. It is compatible with most low ⁢shank sewing machines and has a built-in quilting guide that can be adjusted for different seam allowances.

Users have praised its‌ affordable price⁤ and its ability to handle light to medium weight fabrics with ease. However, some have mentioned that it ⁤may not be as durable as other more expensive walking ‍foot options.


Investing in a good walking foot⁤ is essential for ‌any sewing ⁣enthusiast, and with‍ the variety of options available, there is‍ definitely‍ one that ‍will suit your needs. Consider the projects you will be using it for, as well ⁢as compatibility‍ with your sewing machine before making‍ a purchase.

Based on the reviews, the Janome Even Feed foot with Quilting Guide and the Juki Even Feed Walking Foot‌ seem to be the top choices for those ⁣heavily involved in⁤ quilting and working with thicker ⁢materials. However,⁣ for occasional⁢ and lighter use, the Singer Even Feed foot or the‍ Dritz Sewing Machine Walking Foot may be more suitable.

We hope these⁤ sewing machine walking foot reviews have been helpful in your search for the perfect foot for your sewing projects. ⁣Happy sewing!

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