Sewing Machine Walking Foot Replacement Reviews

Sewing Machine Walking Foot Replacement Reviews

Sewing machines ‍are a vital tool for anyone who loves sewing or needs⁤ to do it ⁣for a living. One of the key components to a sewing machine is the walking foot,⁣ also known as an even feed foot. This accessory helps to evenly feed multiple⁢ layers​ of fabric through ​the machine, preventing bunching or slipping. But, like all tools, a walking ​foot can wear out over ​time and may need to be replaced. In this article, we⁤ will‌ take a look at some popular sewing machine walking foot replacements and their reviews.

1. DREAMSTITCH P60447 Walking Foot

This walking foot is compatible with several sewing ​machine models ⁢ from brands like Brother, ⁣Juki, and Janome. It features a built-in guide at the front of the foot for easier stitching with quilting rulers and guides. The foot also has a wider sole for better handling of thicker fabrics and ⁢multiple layers. Many users have praised this‍ foot for its durability and smooth sewing experience. However, some have reported issues ‌with its fit on certain machine models.

2. Janome ⁤Even Feed⁣ Foot

The Janome Even Feed Foot is designed specifically for Janome sewing machines but ⁢can also‌ fit other brands’ machines that use a low shank system. It has a sleek design and⁤ a built-in guide for accurate stitching. Users⁣ have raved about this foot’s ability to handle heavy fabrics and multiple layers without‌ any problems. Some reviewers have reported that it takes ⁤a little bit of getting used to when first using the foot but is worth it for its performance.

3. Singer Even Feed / Walking Foot

This walking ​foot by Singer is compatible⁣ with most low shank sewing machines. It has a wider foot for better fabric control​ and a built-in⁣ guide for straight stitching. Users have praised this‌ foot for its reliability and ⁢ease of use. However, some have reported issues with the ⁢foot’s plastic parts breaking after extended‍ use.

4. Brother SA140 Even Feed Walking‌ Foot

This walking foot by Brother is compatible with their low shank sewing machines. It⁤ has a larger ‍foot and a built-in guide for improved ‍fabric handling. Users have praised this foot for its consistency and precision in‌ stitching. However, some have mentioned that the foot can be a bit noisy ⁢while in use.

5. YEQIN Low⁢ Shank Even Feed / Walking ‍Foot

This walking foot is compatible‍ with most low shank sewing machines and has a built-in guide for accurate stitching. Users have reported that ⁢this foot is easy to install and provides great results when sewing multiple layers or thick fabrics. However, some have mentioned ‍that the foot can be a bit finicky when it comes to working with certain ⁢types of fabrics.


Replacing ​a walking foot can be⁤ a daunting ‌task, especially with the wide variety of options ​available. However, with a little bit of research ⁢and reading⁢ reviews, you ⁣can find the perfect walking foot replacement for your ‍sewing machine. It’s‌ important to‍ take into consideration the compatibility with your ⁢machine, ​as well as the foot’s features and durability. With the right⁢ walking foot, your sewing projects will ⁤be a breeze!

Remember to always read the manufacturer’s instructions and take proper care of your walking ⁢foot to ensure its longevity. Happy sewing!

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