Sewing Machine Rickrack Foot Reviews

Sewing Machine Rickrack Foot Reviews

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The art of sewing has been around for centuries, with advancements in technology making it easier and more efficient. This is where the invention of the sewing machine comes into play. Sewing ⁣machines have been an essential tool for ​fashion designers, tailors, ⁣and hobbyists alike. With the evolution of ⁣sewing machines, various attachments and accessories have been introduced to enhance⁢ the quality and functionality of the machine. One such accessory is the⁣ rickrack foot.

What is a Rickrack Foot?

A rickrack ‌foot is a specialized sewing machine foot used for attaching rickrack and other decorative trims to fabric. It is an exceptionally useful tool for adding ⁤a touch ​of ‍creativity and personality to⁢ your sewing projects. ⁤The rickrack foot has a channel or groove in the center where the trim is placed, and the foot’s teeth hold it‌ in place. This allows for even and accurate stitching along the edge of the trim, giving a professional finish to your project.

Why do⁤ You Need a Rickrack Foot?

If you enjoy adding decorative trims to your sewing​ projects, a rickrack foot is a must-have accessory for your sewing machine. It allows you to easily sew on rickrack, lace, and other trimmings without the need for pins ⁣or basting. The foot’s design keeps the trim in place, ‍preventing it from shifting or⁢ bunching up while sewing. This not only saves time but also ensures a neat and professional-looking finish to your project.

Reviews of the Top Sewing Machine Rickrack Feet

  • Janome Edge Guide Stitch ⁤Foot: This rickrack foot is compatible with most Janome sewing machines and works well with ⁢both‌ narrow ​and wide​ rickrack trims. It has an adjustable guide⁣ that allows for precise stitching ‌ and comes with⁣ a user guide for ⁤easy installation and usage.
  • Singer Slant Shank Snap-On⁤ Ruffler Foot: This rickrack foot is⁤ suitable ⁢for Singer sewing machines​ with a slant shank. It has three different settings for ruffling and gathering, making it a versatile foot ‍for various sewing techniques. It also comes with a detailed ‌user manual for easy set-up and usage.
  • Babylock 9mm Edge​ Stitching Foot: This rickrack foot⁣ is‍ compatible​ with Babylock‍ sewing machines and is perfect for attaching rickrack, lace, and other trims. Its wide​ channel ​can accommodate thicker trims and allows for easy sewing without the need for pins.
  • Brother Clear Plastic Foot: ⁤ This rickrack foot is designed for Brother sewing machines and has ⁢a ⁤clear plastic design for better visibility while⁣ sewing. It is ​ideal for attaching decorative trims and offers precise stitching with its built-in guide.

These are just a few of​ the top-rated rickrack feet in the market.⁤ However, it is essential to note that the⁢ best rickrack foot for⁤ your sewing machine may vary depending on the machine model and personal preference.


In conclusion, a rickrack foot is‌ a valuable accessory for anyone who enjoys adding⁣ decorative trims to their sewing projects. It not only makes⁤ the process of attaching trims easier but also ensures a professional-looking finish. With the‌ various options available in the market, you can ⁤find the​ perfect rickrack foot for your ‍sewing ​machine,⁤ catering to your specific needs and preferences. So, go​ ahead and add a rickrack foot to ‌your sewing machine accessory collection to ‍take your sewing projects to the‌ next level​ of creativity‍ and perfection!

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