Sewing Machine Accessories Review

Sewing Machine Accessories Review

: Must-Have Items for Every Sewing Enthusiast

As any sewing ⁢enthusiast knows, a sewing machine is only as ‌good as its accessories. These⁣ small but mighty⁣ tools can greatly enhance and simplify your sewing⁤ experience. From beginner sewers⁢ to seasoned professionals, having the right sewing machine accessories can⁢ make all the difference​ in the quality and efficiency of your projects. In this review, we will take a closer look at some essential sewing machine ‍accessories and how they can‍ improve your overall‌ sewing experience.

1. Presser Feet

Presser Feet

Presser feet are attachments that fit onto the ⁤sewing machine’s‍ needle bar and help to guide ⁣and hold ⁣the fabric in place as it passes under the needle. While most sewing machines come with a set ​of ⁢basic presser feet, investing in additional specialized ones can greatly expand⁢ your sewing capabilities. ⁢Some must-have ⁤ presser feet⁢ include the all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot,⁢ and blind​ hem foot. Each of these feet serves a specific purpose‌ and ⁢can make ⁢sewing tasks like⁣ adding zippers, buttons, and creating hemlines ⁢much easier and more precise.

2.⁤ Bobbins


Bobbins are small spools that hold the⁣ thread under the needle plate of the⁤ sewing machine. ⁢They are essential for creating the lower thread portion ⁤of a stitch. It’s important to have spare bobbins‍ on hand, especially when working on larger projects. It’s also ‌helpful⁣ to invest in different‌ colored bobbins for different colored threads. This can save you ⁤time and hassle as you won’t have to constantly⁤ change and re-thread your bobbin when switching thread colors.

3. Seam Ripper

Seam ​Ripper

Let’s face it, ​no matter how ‍skilled of a sewer you are, mistakes happen. That’s where the seam ripper comes in. This ‌small but mighty tool helps to quickly and​ easily remove unwanted stitches without damaging your fabric. Whether it’s a pesky stray thread or a ⁣major sewing mishap, a seam ripper will quickly become your go-to tool for fixing mistakes.

4. LED Sewing⁤ Machine Light

Sewing Machine Light

Proper lighting is essential for ‍any sewing project, especially when working with ‌dark or detailed fabrics. A LED sewing machine light can easily attach to your sewing machine and provide bright, natural light precisely where you need it while sewing.‍ This will not only reduce eye strain but‍ also improve the accuracy and speed ‍of your sewing.

5. Pin Cushion

Pin ⁢Cushion

A ⁣pin cushion is a simple but⁢ essential⁢ accessory ⁣for any sewing project.‍ Not only⁤ does it keep ‌your pins organized and easily accessible, but it also keeps them from getting lost in your fabric or on the floor. You​ can purchase a pre-made pin ⁣cushion or even make your​ own⁤ using scrap fabric​ and some stuffing.


In the world of sewing, having the right accessories can make​ all the difference. From ⁢presser feet to pin cushions, each of these items can ​greatly‌ enhance your sewing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, investing in these essential sewing ‍machine accessories will not only‍ make your sewing projects easier but also ‌help you‍ achieve professional-quality ‍results.

Remember, every sewing machine‌ and project may​ require different accessories, so it’s important to research and invest in‌ the ones that‌ best suit your needs. With the right tools ‍by your ‍side,⁢ you can take on any sewing project⁣ with confidence and ease.

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