Sewing Drafting Tools

Sewing Drafting Tools

: Everything You Need to Know

For anyone who loves sewing, the thought of creating their own garment from scratch⁢ is exciting. From choosing the fabric to stitching it together, every step in ‌the ⁣process is fulfilling and rewarding. However, to achieve professional-looking and well-fitted clothing, one must⁣ have the right tools. ⁢One essential set of tools⁣ that every sewer should have is sewing drafting tools.

What are ?

Sewing drafting tools are​ a set of instruments used ‍to‌ create patterns for clothing or garments. They include rulers, curves, curves with ‍grading, French curves, L-squares, and flexible measure tapes, to name a few. ‌These ⁢tools are‌ used to draw patterns on paper ‍or fabric,​ marking ‍lines ⁤for cutting, stitching, and finishing garments.

Why are Important?

When it comes to sewing, precision ‌is key. ⁤A slight error ⁣in⁣ measurement or a wrong cut can significantly affect the fit and appearance of a garment. Sewing drafting tools make it possible to create accurate patterns and mark precise lines for cutting. They also allow for easy customization, making it ⁣possible to create unique and well-fitted pieces ⁢that cannot be found in stores.

Moreover, sewing drafting tools are essential for​ creating complex designs. They allow sewers to create intricate patterns quickly and efficiently.​ Whether you ⁣are a beginner or an experienced⁢ sewist, sewing drafting tools⁤ are crucial to achieving the‌ perfect fit and adding ⁤unique designs⁢ to your‍ creations.


With various sewing ‍drafting ⁤tools available in the market, it ⁢can be overwhelming to⁢ know which ones ‍to invest in. Here are some ⁣must-have sewing drafting tools that every sewer should add to their collection:

1. Clear Plastic Rulers

A ‍clear ‍plastic ruler is an essential tool ⁣for ​any sewer. It allows for precise measurements and accurate markings on fabric and paper. Look for a ruler⁣ with a ⁤grid line and ​measurement in both inches ​and centimeters for versatility.

2. Curves with Grading

Curves with grading are used for grading pattern sizes, giving the ability⁤ to create ⁣the⁣ same style ‌in various sizes. They are also useful for shaping armholes, crotch curves, and more.

3. L-Squares

L-Squares ⁣are helpful for creating straight lines‌ and right angles, making them perfect for drafting patterns‍ and‌ adjusting hemlines.

4. French Curves

French ⁣curves are essential for ⁢making curved lines ⁢for necklines, ‌armholes, and collars. They come in different sizes and⁢ shapes, making it possible to create a variety of curves for different designs.

5. Pattern Drafting Paper

Pattern drafting paper is a special type of paper used for creating patterns. It is thick, durable, and translucent, making it⁢ easy⁢ to see markings through the ‍paper. It also allows for easy tracing and adjusting ‍of patterns.

How to‌ Use

Using sewing drafting tools may seem intimidating at first, but‍ with practice, it becomes second nature. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Know the Different Techniques

Before starting,⁣ familiarize yourself with the different ‍techniques used for pattern making, such as dart manipulation, pivot, spread, and slash.

2. Prepare Your Tools

Ensure your tools are clean and sharp, and your work⁣ surface is well-lit and level. Sharpen your ⁣pencils and have a designated place to store​ your tools ​to avoid ⁢losing them.

3. Measure Accurately

For precise measurements, use a clear plastic ruler and measure twice or ​more ⁢to ensure accuracy.

4. Trace and Mark Carefully

When tracing or marking on paper or fabric, use ​a smooth, even pressure to avoid indentations or wrinkles, which can affect the pattern’s accuracy.

With proper care, sewing⁤ drafting tools can last a long time and help you create beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments. So why​ not invest in a good set⁤ of tools and take your sewing to ​the next level?

In Conclusion

Sewing drafting tools are an essential part‍ of any⁤ sewer’s ⁢toolkit. They not only make it possible to create well-fitted and unique garments, but also allow for flexibility and precision in the sewing process. So, if you’re serious about sewing, don’t overlook the importance of investing in​ quality sewing drafting tools.

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