Sewing Accessories To Make

Sewing Accessories To Make

Sewing accessories


Sewing is not only a practical skill but also a creative outlet for many individuals.⁢ Adding personalized and⁢ unique accessories to your sewing ‍supplies can‍ enhance your sewing experience and make it more enjoyable. ⁣Here are some sewing accessories you can‌ make yourself to bring⁢ a ⁤touch of individuality to ‍your crafting space.

Pin Cushion Jar

A pin cushion jar is a practical yet stylish accessory for⁤ any sewing enthusiast. By upcycling an old jar, you can create a functional pin cushion and ‌storage solution all in one. Simply ⁣fill the jar with stuffing material, such as ⁢fiberfill ⁤or ⁣ fabric scraps, ​and adorn the lid with a beautiful fabric piece. Secure the ⁤fabric by wrapping a ⁤ribbon or elastic ​band around it. Now, you have a cute and handy‌ pin cushion‍ to keep your pins organized.

Thread Catcher

Thread catchers ​are a great addition to ‌your sewing workspace, as they help you keep your thread ends and scraps contained. You can easily make⁤ a‌ thread‍ catcher by repurposing a small fabric container or creating one from scratch.‌ Sew a small bag-like structure, leaving⁤ an opening at ⁢the top. Attach a loop ⁣or ribbon⁢ near the opening to hang it‌ conveniently from your sewing table. Decorate⁣ it with embroidery or‌ applique ​to add a personal touch.

Pattern Weight

Pattern weights⁣ are essential when ​working with paper patterns, preventing them from shifting while ⁤cutting⁣ your fabric. Instead of using plain metal⁣ weights, why not create your ⁢own‍ decorative pattern weights? Get some river rocks, wrap them in beautiful fabric scraps, and ‍secure ⁢the fabric with ribbon or twine. The result is ⁢not only functional but also⁣ aesthetically⁣ pleasing, adding⁢ a pop of ​color to your sewing table.

Needle Case

A needle case is a ​must-have accessory for any sewer ‍who wants to ‌keep their needles neatly organized. ⁤Create a simple ⁣needle ⁤case by sewing two rectangular fabric pieces together,⁣ leaving one side open. Add‍ felt flaps inside the case to hold your needles securely. To‌ make it even more special, personalize it with embroidery or ⁤applique designs that represent your sewing‍ style.


Creating your ​own sewing accessories adds a personal ‌touch⁤ to⁣ your sewing space​ and enhances your sewing experience. ⁢The projects mentioned above are just a few‍ examples of‍ the ‍many accessories you can make yourself.⁢ So, gather your sewing materials, let your‌ creativity flow, and‌ start making these unique items to complement your sewing journey!

“The ⁢true secret of happiness​ lies in taking a genuine interest in ⁤all the details of daily life.” – ‍William Morris

Start making your own sewing accessories today and find joy in every stitch!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the different sewing accessories you’re making! Great for beginners and experts alike!

    What a great way to spice up your sewing creations! From fun to functional, adding the perfect accessories to a project can really change the look and feel. Whether you’re a beginner or a sewing master, there’s something for everyone!#Sewing #Accessories #DIY

  2. Excited to see what sewing accessories you come up with!#Sewing #Accessories #DIY

    Agreeing with both Mattie and Porter, I am also looking forward to seeing the different sewing accessories you are going to make! There are an endless amount of potential when it comes to creating accessories from functional to unique! Crafting is such an amazing hobby and adding the perfect accessory can take your project to the next level. #Sewing #Accessories #DIY

  3. Crafting is a great outlet and making sewing accessories can be so satisfying! Can’t wait to see the different ideas you come up with! #Sewing #Accessories #DIY r
    Making sewing accessories can be a great way to show your individual style while learning a useful skill! It will be fun to see the different projects you come up with and to see your creativity come to life! #Sewing #Accessories #DIY

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